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International Vegan Earth Day (4/22) March #ClimateCrisisMarch

April 22 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm GMT-0400

In collaboration with VHOT NYC team – ***SAVE THE DATE and Join us for the International Vegan Earth Day March on Saturday, April 22, 2023, in New York City!***

The Vegan Earth Day March is an INTERNATIONAL grassroots day of action to bring awareness to animal agriculture’s role in causing our current climate and ecological crisis. Animal agriculture is one of the planet’s most destructive and harmful industries. Numerous published studies show that meat and dairy production and consumption are a driving force behind our deadly ecological crisis. **Greenpeace International tweeted – “*Europeans consume around twice as much meat as the global average, and almost three times as much dairy. We need a massive shift towards more plant based diets especially in Rich meat-eating countries. #Climatecrisis #MeatAndDairy*”** We must act now to ensure the survival of our species and all those that inhabit this planet.

Many people and governments continue to ignore these facts and we are quickly reaching a point of no return due to the lack of action. On Earth Day, **Saturday, April 22, 2023,** we will march to demand a societal vegan paradigm shift that normalizes non-violence, sustainability, and collective liberation for all earthlings through the immediate development and transition to a plant-based veganic food system. Help us make every day vegan earth day and join us to march for the climate, and a plant-based future!

1. Individuals GO VEGAN.

**What to Expect? -** Vegan March will begin at *Barclays Center 614 Atlantic Ave* and end at Maria Hernandez Park(~3.5 miles / 1.5 – 2 hours). Rally w/ speeches in Park at the end of the Vegan March. After Party at House of Yes

**What to Bring?**
1. Vegan March participants are encouraged to dress up in costumes, make and carry signs, or wear sign boards. Please keep your messaging love-based and focused on the mission, demands and values of the Vegan Earth Day March.
2. Wear sensible and comfortable clothes and shoes. Wearing a blue or green top is recommended.
3. Please bring water bottle and vegan snacks.

**How can I help spread the word?**
RSVP, invite your friends & family and share this event page. Share posts from this event page and the main [Vegan Earth Day March Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/events/727863782194285) and Instagram pages. Post about why you are excited about this international day of action on with [#veganearthday](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/veganearthday?__eep__=6&__cft__%5B0%5D=AZXFXRkS92wkeOAzUucH5LxL7A_78ykqgMQS01jbwRZLRK6uUiaW4I4rDR0Jdi54DouIOQ1Qi96osbgveyh83t5rHtrzJwyexBMbzu_iXF1AnJ_ow6dEaGpqycknwkDT75y4EQEWMGcYXtPECASK6RDuSJHzx25kWNWg3zJ_VHm03g&__tn__=q) [#veganearthdaymarch](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/veganearthdaymarch?__eep__=6&__cft__%5B0%5D=AZXFXRkS92wkeOAzUucH5LxL7A_78ykqgMQS01jbwRZLRK6uUiaW4I4rDR0Jdi54DouIOQ1Qi96osbgveyh83t5rHtrzJwyexBMbzu_iXF1AnJ_ow6dEaGpqycknwkDT75y4EQEWMGcYXtPECASK6RDuSJHzx25kWNWg3zJ_VHm03g&__tn__=q)

**How did the march get started?**
Visit [www.VeganEarthDayMarch.org](https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.VeganEarthDayMarch.org%2F&h=AT2lW0dmqNauwvaDcwppR6TfayFpxECEBbf-ylF1ys6qDJloydVfBGtpyLBaGzOjLOqjQ5nj4f98LcKSlfUCSxOtgsOpW3DSvkNrnZeXO0qwzbmufwKgAYyuD6eVQEB41tpEQs6PvRmZI2K73Nic&__tn__=q&c%5B0%5D=AT1eHqbL4sFox1Ur8ZVConTX-aNmRy_BqDovgEb7A05noAJo0UGmMceIr5h8vP3pKeQCid40wvq-LjaTNm0gHDKZSrvYThNUpwS3TEOFCSC53zl9q4-i6RniJhv-wXckhy7PkXPacFU75GP57XRoIa3MK2CwqQX0iDU4XTz7fjHh_Fub5bKA) for more info.
Learn more about the Plant Based Treaty: [https://plantbasedtreaty.org/](https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fplantbasedtreaty.org%2F&h=AT0dzD-Rr7xQ-WO0ZRXmOxKlpa-rQYdQezoQMD3rnXlwtKnbxqigOINpRdy4o1nCMbgiNCMZPk0I-Xu5VpmPQ7oEYm8EwKYaU-hnPsSxNE29VBWamZ7jkpeKVqgxNLL-NnAayokL7GF1csw9Qnd1&__tn__=q&c%5B0%5D=AT1eHqbL4sFox1Ur8ZVConTX-aNmRy_BqDovgEb7A05noAJo0UGmMceIr5h8vP3pKeQCid40wvq-LjaTNm0gHDKZSrvYThNUpwS3TEOFCSC53zl9q4-i6RniJhv-wXckhy7PkXPacFU75GP57XRoIa3MK2CwqQX0iDU4XTz7fjHh_Fub5bKA)
Donate directly to the Vegan Earth Day March here: [https://www.gofundme.com/f/vegan-earth-day-march-2023](https://www.gofundme.com/f/vegan-earth-day-march-2023)

**Please RSVP on our event page here, and then come march with our meetup group on Saturday, April 22nd.**

Hope to see you there.
Karthik :))


April 22
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm GMT-0400


614 Atlantic Ave
614 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217 us


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