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Vegans and veg-curious folks alike are searching for their next vegan-verified trainer, doctor, restaurant, coffee shop, marketer, and more! They know you started your business for more than just profits. You started it to make a difference in the world for your fellow humans, animals, and the planet. And they are HERE for it.

Now, they have a place to find you, everything they’re looking for, and support the VegEconomy®. It’s a win, win, win!

We’re all about opening up more possibilities to support small to medium-sized vegan businesses, professionals, and companies, like YOU. The vKind App helps people save time with a beautiful resource that is easy to use and certified vegan AF.

Whether your business is near our users or something they can support online, we want to bring more customers to your business and share what you’re about with our community. 

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