Our Mission

Building the VegEconomy–Together

Our Mission is to make veganism accessible by bringing together the best of vegan products, professionals, businesses and services in one easy-to-navigate platform.

If you’ve wasted hours searching every corner of the internet to find vegan leather, restaurants with more than one “vegan option”, and healthcare professionals who don’t question your lifestyle choices––then you’re exactly like we were. 

But we knew there had to be an easier way to find vegan.

Star Simmons, lifelong entrepreneur, buzzing networker, and vKind founder, created vKind out of her vision for the VegEconomy: an economic ecosystem of compassionate innovation where animal cruelty is left out of the supply chain. With the help of her friends and co-founders––compassionate master marketers Michon Javelosa and David Staricha––vKind was born.

What is the VegEconomy?

So, why the Rabbit?


Everyone deserves a spirit animal, and vKind is no exception! For us, the rabbit represents perception and awareness. By staying aligned with the rabbit, we stay in tune with the world and its collective evolution, encouraging us to live each day in a conscious manner.

Besides, what vegan doesn’t love a good carrot?

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