Million Dollar Vegan Donates 1 Million Vegan Meals

Million Dollar Vegan Humanitarian Initiatives

One million free plant-based dinners have been given away by nonprofit Million Dollar Vegan (MDV) to communities all over the world.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, MDV has collaborated with volunteers, individual vegan companies, and neighborhood nonprofits. Together, they have delivered food to areas that need it the most.

In March 2020, the pledge to donate one million meals was made. Additionally, it has supplied tools and items for hygiene.

Making a difference through food

MDV operates under the guiding principle that access to sufficient and satisfying nourishment is a fundamental human right. In addition to providing plant-based meals, the charity informs locals on the advantages of vegan cooking.

“We could see many communities struggling with the loss of income and access to basic healthcare. Some people felt isolated and lonely. Others were desperately worried about their livelihoods and futures,” stated Naomi Hallum, CEO of Million Dollar Vegan.

“It seemed more important than ever that we connect with people, learn from them, provide support where we could, and showcase veganism as compassion in action,” she added.

MDV views its donations of meals as acts of solidarity. Participants in Glasgow’s COP26, kids in Kenya, and homeless veterans in Los Angeles are just a few of the many people who have benefited from its international projects.

Creating a healthier vegan future

Leading climate scientist Dr. Peter Carter clearly declared that, in light of the global emergency, a shift to veganism is “imperative for survival.” Diets based on plants have also been hailed as being good for one’s own health. They may potentially lower your risk of developing serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

According to research, consumers appear to be more interested in plant-based diets now that the pandemic, which claimed more than 6.4 million lives, has passed.

“One thing is certain: our own health is connected to that of the planet and animals, and when we harm one, we do harm to all,” Hallum said.

“Pandemics emerge when we destroy the natural world; antibiotic resistance is driven by the overuse of antibiotics in factory farms; rearing animals for their meat, milk, and eggs generates vast amounts of greenhouse gasses; while the consumption of animal products is connected to some of the world’s biggest killers, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.”

“Eating plant-based addresses all these issues and more, and helps us create the future we all want.”

Despite reaching its goal of donating one million meals, MDV will keep working on its humanitarian initiatives.

Source: “This Organization Donated 1 Million Vegan Meals To Communities In Need” by Plant Based News

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