Game-Changing Plant-Based Meat Brand, GREENFORCE, Launches Officially in the UK

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Vegan burgers, meatballs, sausages and mince in powder form set to take the UK plant-based market by storm.

  • Patrik Baboumian, world record-breaking vegan strongman among GREENFORCE ambassadors
  • ‘Powder-to-Meat’ design enables greater sustainability and avoids energy intensive supply chain
  • Certified vegan product range designed to eliminate food waste and end animal suffering
  • GREENFORCE launches ‘Veganuary Kit‘ to help new starters complete Veganuary successfully


A ground-breaking innovation in plant-based meat arrives in the UK today, in powder form. German food tech start-up, GREENFORCE, today launches officially in the United Kingdom. After a successful trial period, GREENFORCE is now rolling out its full range across the UK, available to order for home delivery.

The German start-up has been tipped to become the European answer to Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods in the US, thanks to a range of innovations that enhance sustainability, taste, convenience and health benefits.

The ‘Easy Mixes’ consist of high-quality pea protein, to which only water needs to be added to form a burger, meatball, mince or other popular food types. The development team at GREENFORCE has revolutionised the market with what is likely to be ‘the most sustainable plant-based meat in the world’ and aims to secure the protein supply for the next generation. The strength of GREENFORCE’s sustainability lies within its design. The powder form of GREENFORCE’s products allows a long shelf-life, and the products do not require a cooling chain. This also makes it easier to reduce food waste as consumers can easily cook the portion they want and save the remaining powder for future meals.

After eight years of intensive research and excellent success in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, the GREENFORCE team has decided to introduce the product range into the United Kingdom officially.

The different varieties of the Easy Mixes are available from today via the UK webshop for consumers and catering businesses.

In addition, GREENFORCE is also making its ‘Veganuary Kit’ available for UK customers. From today, the kit is now available to help make Veganuary a success across the country, providing a range of easy, tasty, and planet-friendly products for anyone looking to complete the final two weeks of Veganuary.

Commenting on the UK launch, GREENFORCE Founder, Thomas Isermann, said“The UK is an incredibly important market for the plant-based world. The vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian population in the country is growing rapidly, so it’s crucial that we provide healthy, planet-friendly and tasty food for them. But it’s not just them we are focussing on – we are also focussed on meat-eaters. We have over eight years of research behind us, helping us develop a range of products that should satisfy the tastebuds of anyone, whether you’re vegan, veggie or neither.”


Also commenting on the launch, GREENFORCE ambassador, Patrik Baboumian, added: “Our ultimate mission is to revolutionise the food industry with unique products that don’t come at the expense of animals, the environment or our health. We believe in a sustainable future that harnesses the power of plants and value high-quality proteins. Without any unnecessary additives, in just a few steps, you can make meatballs, sausages, mince or a juicy burger out of powder.”


“Some may be sceptical at first… Some people will say: ‘powder that turns into plant-based meat – how is this possible?’ To them I say: just try it and see what you think!

“In addition to launching officially in the UK, we are also very proud to support Veganuary through the launch of our starter kits. Veganuary is a great way to show people the benefits of plant-based diets – we want to make it as easy and tasty as possible for anyone trying it.”




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