Pamela Anderson Participates in PETA’s Valentine’s Day Campaign

Pamela Anderson PETA vegans make better lovers

Pamela Anderson’s lifelong passion for animals has resulted in a massive PETA campaign.

PETA and Anderson, 54, have collaborated on a new Valentine’s Day commercial for the animal rights group. Vegans make better lovers, according to the campaign’s pitch.

PETA purchased a 3,400-square-foot billboard in Times Square in New York City to help spread the word. The spot now includes a large black and white portrait of Anderson with the campaign’s “Vegans Make Better Lovers” theme, as of Monday morning.

“I believe that having a big heart is the sexiest thing in the world,” stated Anderson.

PETA has also designed a limited edition 25-inch-wide heart-shaped box of vegan chocolates with Anderson’s image on the front as a Valentine’s Day present for animal lovers, in addition to the billboard. The 110-chocolate confection boxes will be available for purchase on PETA’s website, with earnings benefiting the organization’s animal welfare efforts.

Cherry, lavender, raspberry, and green tea lemon vegan chocolate tastes are included in each candy box.

Anderson and PETA have teamed up for the first time for a Valentine’s Day campaign. For decades, the Baywatch actress has volunteered with the group, regularly supporting its efforts to promote veganism and abolish the use of fur in fashion.

Source: “Pamela Anderson Takes Part in PETA’s ‘Vegans Make Better Lovers’ Valentine’s Day Campaign” by PEOPLE



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