vKind Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Sjaak's Chocolate



Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates offers handmade organic, vegan chocolates – the perfect classic Valentine’s Day gift. Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates was born from a true American Dream love story – founded by Jacques Holten in 2004 after falling in love with an American exchange student studying in his Dutch homeland. After a visit to his love interest, who had returned to California, he stayed in America, married, and founded the chocolate company. 


Add to your own love story with their Fancy 12 Count, Classic Heart Valentine Assortment, Bear Hug Dark Chocolate Heart (filled with organic, vegan gummy bears), Peanut Butter Crunch Sweetheart, or something mouthwateringly special from their diverse offerings of high quality organic, vegan chocolate. 

Sjaack’s strives to make their chocolate memorable for the very best reasons – attention to craftsmanship, focus on the planet and wonderful taste. With every piece they create, they want you to experience all the love that goes into handcrafting their great-tasting creations.

Spend $40 or more on their featured Valentine’s chocolates and get FREE sjaakolate (more specific?) with the coupon code vkind21. Expires 2/28/21.

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