What is the VegEconomy?

The VegEconomy is a socio-economic ecosystem built by conscious consumers and plant-based enterprises that have come together to drive compassionate innovation. The symbiotic relationship between conscious consumers and companies has propelled innovation in the research and development of vegan products, rewarding companies and consumers alike.

A better way forward

Rather than exploiting the planet’s resources and animals for profits, stakeholders in the VegEconomy capitalize on cruelty-free innovations to create lucrative, sustainable business opportunities. By nurturing an economic ecosystem built around preserving precious resources and ending animal suffering, members of the VegEconomy are redefining the meaning of corporate social responsibility.

Bolstering the VegEconomy is our dream behind Vkind, to foster the symbiosis between company and consumer by improving the vegan consumer experience while driving profits for plant-based enterprise.

At Vkind, we know the more accessible vegan products become, the more approachable the lifestyle becomes. The more approachable the lifestyle becomes, the faster we tackle the world’s most perplexing crises––from climate change and environmental contamination to pandemics and starvation.

Ways to take action, now!

Here are some simple steps for you to take to help us build the Vegeconomy. 


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