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Vegan Dinner @ Spicy Moon at Bowery Restaurant #SoHo

June 21 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm GMT-0400

***It is perfectly all right to arrive at 7:30pm or 8:00pm, though arriving at 6:30 or 7:00 is ideal. The group will be hanging out until 9:00pm at the venue.***

Join us as we’ll be visiting **Spicy Moon at Bowery**, at their recently opened location, with 11,000 square feet and seating capacity of almost 200 seats, Spicy Moon at Bowery is by far the largest vegan restaurant in New York City. Our group hosted Meetup events at Spicy Moon’s original location at 328 E 6th St way back in March 2019. Spicy Moon certainly has come a long way and we would love to support their new venture.

As EATER New York states ” For spicy Sichuan fit for vegans: Getting Sichuan food as a non-meat-eater can sometimes be frustrating, given that many of the cuisine’s staple dishes almost always include meat. But at Sichuan restaurant Spicy Moon, nothing is off limits. Aside from the “Beyond Beef” in the dan dan noodles and a few other items, the dishes focus on actual vegetables and tofu, rather than faux meat replacements. The three-cup mixed vegetables include flavorful cauliflower, broccoli, and peppers; Brussels sprouts feature numbing Sichuan peppercorns, and vegetable wontons come floating in an actually spicy chili oil..”.

For more info :
**Website** – [https://www.spicymoonnyc.com/](https://www.spicymoonnyc.com/)
or Follow them on Instagram **@spicymoonnyc**

Come join us at Spicy Moon at Bowery for an evening of delicious vegan cuisine!

I want to share some recent **Google reviews – Rating 4.6/5**

Yolanda Zhou – “For someone who normally doesn’t eat a lot of vegan food, I thought Spicy Moon was delicious. The flavors are great and all the dishes were prepared really well. My favorites were the brussel sprouts and crispy eggplant. We had a large group and they were also very accommodating and friendly”

Erica A – “A close friend of mine is a vegetarian and was visiting New York for the first time, so I wanted to meet her somewhere where she could enjoy most if not all the things on the menu. Spicy Moon fit the bill and was absolutely delicious (even for us omnivores)! The dan dan noodles were our favorite by a long shot, but I also really enjoyed the General Tso’s mushrooms and the salt & pepper mixed veggies. I’m not often in this area, but I would totally come back here if given the chance…”

**Join us from 6:30pm-9:00pm**
**Spicy Moon at Bowery**
**265 Bowery · New York, NY**

With all the wonderful vegetarians and vegans who attend each of our events, people enjoy the fact they can mingle (speak with lots of different people), and they love the beautiful venues that we go to. Join us for a stellar evening of lively conversation and lovely surroundings with fellow vegetarians and vegans.

**For our new members:** this is an incredibly friendly and welcoming group. We’ll be hanging out outdoors by the patio area, and you can get to know all our wonderful members.

Dress comfortably! Spicy Moon at Bowery will be the perfect location for us to chill and enjoy the early summer evening.

**TRAIN DIRECTIONS:** Take the **F train** to **2nd Ave** Subway Station, (Exit via Chrystie St & Houston St at SW corner) just 0.1 mile/ 3 min walk.

Join us for a fun and relaxed festive evening socializing with fellow vegetarians and vegans.

We would love to have you join us!

Karthik :))

***It is perfectly all right to arrive at 7:30pm or 8:00pm, though arriving at 6:30 or 7:00 is ideal. The group will be hanging out until 9:00pm at the venue.***

Image Courtesy – Spicy Moon Restaurant


June 21
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm GMT-0400


Spicy Moon at Bowery
265 Bowery
New York, NY 10002 us


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