• Tracy Kuan
    February 21, 2021 at 9:39 pm

    One of the first vegan vendors I have tried when I first started living my vegan lifestyle. It’s amazing how close all their vegan food taste like the actual appetizers you get from actual dim sum. I actually order some of their food frozen so I can enjoy them at home. I typically get the Shao Mai, ha gow, and their Lo Mai Gai frozen. Their dan tat comes in three different flavors : Ube, matcha, and custard. I love that the crust is crispy. They’re best eaten fresh along with the Lo Bak Go. They also have combos where you can try one or two each of their appetizers. I really enjoy some of their newest additions that aren’t part of dim sum. Peruvian Green Rice taste delicious with shrimp! They have two main pop ups which is in East LA and Mid-Wilshire. They also do rotations at different vegan events such as vegan depot in Corona and vegan exchange LA.

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