Vegan Places Near Me: Orlando

Orlando Skyline

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a Vegan place to eat when you are visiting a different city. There are also times when you are planning a vacation and are just curious. Below are some of the more prominent places in the Orlando area. 

Author: Jason Rapp

Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Ethos has been a Vegan staple for quite some time in Winter Park. The atmosphere is relaxed. However, it retains a fun artsy feel about it, in addition to the regular food offerings. They also have a small bakery onsite, which offers Cake and Pie slices along with various Cookies and Bread. They also have a bar with various beers and the option of flights to taste several ones. The goal of Ethos can be summed up as They offer food at a reasonable price in a comfortable environment.


Leguminati is located inside the Hourglass Social House. They offer several types of wraps. My favorite is the chick’n bacun ranch crunch. All wraps also come with Tortilla chips. The atmosphere inside is shared with Foxtail coffee. So, there are several options, from coffee and tea to Beer on tap. There is also plenty of seating inside. So, you can eat and read a book or get the items to go.


One of the latest places to join the Orlando community is Plantees. Plantees offer Burgers, chick’n, Fries, and Shakes. Some Alcohol is available as well. The atmosphere reminds me of a burger shack overlooking the beach. All seating is outside, with fans to help keep you cool. The goal of Plantee’s is to Give burger lovers an ethical and legitimate alternative. While promoting sustainable plant-based eating.

Winter Park Biscuit Company

Winter Park Biscuit Company started out as a food truck but now is a static location. They can be found in the east-end market.

The food ranges from chik’n and biscuits to burgers and Fries. There are also several sauces made in-house to accompany whatever you decide on. While there are no places to sit inside, there is plenty of seating outside with a garden view. It gives you a suitable place to sit and enjoy the food and environment.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut can be found in multiple cities in the US. For example, there are Three locations in Florida alone. Cape coral, Tampa, and of course, Orlando. While most of the food is eastern-based, there are some options for people that want a western dish instead. They also have several options for dessert, from flan to banana fritters. The menu on the website provides all ingredients of each item in case you are curious about them. There is seating available inside, or you can always get items to go.

Dharma Southern Kitchen

Dharma Southern Kitchen is located in the Market On South. The restaurant was previously known as Dixie Dharma.

The options here are more unique. The food is a plant-based take on southern food. The options include a Florida fried green tomato sandwich to Dharma fried chik’n. The owner, prior to creating Dharma created another well-known cart in Orlando. The Vegan Hot dog cart. There is limited seating inside, with take-out options available.

Valhalla Bakery

Located in the Market On South and sharing a counter with Dharma Southern Kitchen is one of the few Vegan bakeries in town. They have pies, cookies, bars, and an option to build a cake. I have used the build-a-cake option in the base for a birthday. You can select the cake flavor, icing flavor, size, and the option to add fresh fruit. They will also add a message to the cake if you wish since this is part of the Market On South. There is limited seating available as well.

Valhalla Bakery searches out the best ingredients and makes sure that they know what is in everything so you can rest assured that your favorite desserts remain egg-free and dairy-free, as well as Vegan-approved.

Valkyrie Doughnuts

Located near UCF, Valkyrie Doughnuts is a staple of the doughnut-eating vegan community.

This is a simple doughnut shop with not-so-simple flavors. The doughnuts have a more distinctive look than the ones you might be used to. The doughnuts are square and much larger than the average ones. They also offer “nuggs.” These nuggs are the bits that were removed from the middle. There is no seating available inside, so all orders are to go. Celine Beltgens started Valkyrie Doughnuts in 2016 in Orlando, FL, with Steven Brinkman. The doughnuts were big and square, and the flavors were always big and fun. They’re still doing it that way.

These are just some of the Vegan gems that can be found in Orlando. For a more complete list, check the Vkind app and pick your favorite Orlando Vegan places!



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