Vegan Festival Coming To Manchester

Friends at Vegan Festival

Manchester’s Northern Vegan Festival, which takes place in May, will include over 100 plant-based vendors.

Artisanal vegan chocolate shop Kind Hearted Chocs, street food specialists Seitan’s Kebab, and House of Habesha are among the culinary exhibitors at the plant-based festival. Classic Eritrean and Ethiopian foods such as spicy timtimo and spinach stew will be served at the latter.

Sow Foods (which serves Asian and Spanish-inspired cuisine), Happy Mouse (which specializes in tofu-based dairy-free cheese alternatives), and Greek Vegan Deli are among the other vendors.

Veganism in the United Kingdom

The UK’s rising hunger for plant-based products is reflected in Manchester’s massive vegan festival. A number of studies published last year revealed an increase in demand for vegetarian foods.

A study published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health in October indicated that meat and fish intake had decreased by 17% over the previous decade. And, according to a Nurishh research published in December, one-third of Britons want to eat a plant-based diet by 2022.

Supermarkets, restaurants, and events all throughout the country are catering to this need. In fact, a Mintel survey earlier this year predicted that plant-based product sales will reach £598 million in 2021.

“The fact that nearly half of adults now either don’t eat meat or poultry or are limiting intake poses a challenge for the meat industry and points to vast further potential for meat substitutes’ growth.” said Richard Caines, a market analyst with Mintel.

On Sunday, May 15, the Northern Vegan Festival will take place in Manchester’s BEC Arena. The standard admission fee is £5. More information may be found here.

Source: “Manchester Is Set To Host A Huge Vegan Festival” by Plant Based News

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