Premier Inn Adds Vegan Bacon To All Locations

Premier Inn Vegan Bacon

Thanks to a new relationship with plant-based meat producer THIS, Premier Inn guests can now pick from a larger choice of vegan meals.

As part of the partnership, the UK’s largest hotel chain will offer vegan bacon to its buffet menu at all of its 800+ locations.

THIS used pea and soy protein to make the plant-based bacon rashers, which have 25 grams of protein per 100 grams and include iron and vitamin B12.

The bacon will be offered as part of the Premier Inn’s all-you-can-eat buffet and its kids-eat-free promotion.

Meatless Options

It comes as an increasing number of Britons appear to be making a conscious effort to consume fewer animal products. In fact, according to a Quorn study released in September, 41% of UK households are flexitarian or meat-free.

When dining out, though, many people want to see more plant-based options.

In a poll performed by THIS in May, 75% of Brits said they wanted hotels, cafés, and restaurants to offer more plant-based alternatives.

According to the same poll, over half of UK citizens (48 percent) want to consume plant-based sausage or bacon for breakfast.

“Breakfast is a great occasion for people to get together, and our well-loved breakfast is a great value and hassle-free way to do that,” said Simon Jones, managing director for Premier Inn.

“With the recent introduction of our new vegan bacon in partnership with THIS, there’s now even more choice so no one has to miss out!”

Given the UK public’s growing interest in meat-free meals, THIS co-founder Andy Shovel reiterated this opinion, adding the cooperation is “really promising and timely.”

Source: “Premier Inn Adds Vegan Bacon To Its Buffet At All 800+ Hotels” by Plant Based News

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