Plant-Based Menu Is Coming To All Selina Locations

Selina Hotel Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

The 155 hotels operated by the hospitality brand Selina, which concentrates in accommodations for digital nomads, will now have additional plant-based options available to guests. Redefine Meat is an Israeli company that produces vegan meat. In order to cater to the increased demand for vegan lifestyles among Millennial and Gen Z travelers, Selina’s ultimate goal is to develop a plant-based version of every menu item at all locations.

Redefine Meat’s New-Meat product line, which offers whole-cut vegan meats including beef and lamb flanks as well as ground meats manufactured utilizing exclusive and patented 3D printing and AI technologies, will be included on Selina’s menus. Just one year after its establishment in 2018, Redefine Meat released one of the first whole-cut vegan steaks created utilizing 3D printing technology. The company claims that the new collaboration with Selina hotels expands the global reach of Redefine Meat and supports its goal of being the biggest meat supplier in the world.

This month, two Selina hotel restaurants—Selina Tel Aviv Beach in Israel and Selina Camden in London, United Kingdom—will be the first to offer New-Meat menus. In order to develop new meals free of animal products, Selina’s chefs are now using New-Meat items such beef and lamb flank cuts, plant-based burgers, sausages, lamb kebabs, and ground beef. Meals that have already been veganized include the PowerPlant burger with smashed avocado, the tacos made with Korean-style pulled Redefine Beef, and the spicy merguez sausage found in Shakshuka.

“The Selina brand has strong [environmental, social, and governance] values, ​which is crucial to our young and environmentally conscious audience. As a result, we always challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of the conventional hospitality market, to ensure we continue to provide guests with truly unique and high-quality, sustainable experiences… Our partnership with Redefine Meat marks an exciting and important milestone—perfectly supporting our commitment to move the portfolio towards more plant-based menus, with 100 percent of our menus available plant based at all our locations globally around the world,” said Rafael Museri, Selina’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Selina appealing to millennials with plant-based options

Because of their interest in bettering their health, the environment, and animal welfare as well as their awareness of the advantages of a vegan diet in these areas, Millennials and Gen Z are driving the growing demand for dairy and meat substitutes, according to a 2021 report by market research company The NDP Group. The UK-based dairy cooperative Arla performed research earlier this year that revealed over half of the Gen Z generation feels “ashamed” of buying dairy milk in public.

Selina and Redefine Meat are appealing to a market that is becoming more aware of the negative environmental effects of animal agriculture and seeking alternatives. Both companies have the same vision of environmental responsibility. Selina serves an increasing population of digital nomads, remote professionals, and tourists, particularly from the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Although Selina has recognized the need for more animal-free options to put itself in accordance with its vision and the demands of its guests, the hospitality brand’s prior brand guideline for plant-based menu items was only 25%.

In addition to its promise to provide more vegan alternatives, Selina presently runs Powerplant, a wholly plant-based restaurant in London’s Camden district. Powerplant first opened its doors last year. The Powerplant restaurant, located inside a hotel in Selina, offers vegan fare such as watermelon tartare, cauliflower katsu curry, cheeseburgers, and green lasagna. Selina aspires to introduce the Powerplant idea to America and Europe soon.

Selina is distinctive in that its hotels combine hotel-style lodging with coworking, leisure, wellness, and local experiences. Since its establishment in 2014, Selina hotels have been developed in collaboration with regional artists, designers, and tastemakers in an effort to breathe new life into historic structures in intriguing places around the globe, from bustling metropolis to secluded forests. Currently, there are around 155 open or secured locations spread across 25 nations and 6 continents.

Redefine Meat’s vegan meat is for the planet

In a similar vein, Redefine Meat caters to customers that value ethics and the environment. The brand’s goal is to use technology rather than animals to produce New-Meat that has the same flavor, texture, and adaptability as animal meat.

Additionally, compared to conventional beef production, its products consume up to 96 percent less water, need 98 percent less land, and emit up to 91 percent fewer greenhouse gases. Thousands of eateries, delis, and butcher shops in Israel, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany currently serve Redefine Meat’s New-Meat.

“We’re working towards fulfilling a grand vision, which is to make Redefine Meat the largest meat company in the world—and our collaboration with Selina allows us to bring New-Meat to a much broader global audience and take another step towards that… We are truly excited to have found a perfect partner in Selina, and the opportunity to bring a range of culinary New-Meat experiences to Selina’s guests, whether they be vegetarians, vegans, or meat-eaters who care about the environment,” said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and co-founder of Redefine Meat.


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