British Airways Now Has Plant-Based Menus

Plant Based Burger

In its first and business class lounges, British Airways plans to serve a variety of plant-based meals. The move is part of the airline’s goal to decrease its carbon footprint and cater to the expanding vegan community, in which it developed new plant-based meals with its catering partners, including a burger.

The new menus will first be available at the airline’s Heathrow lounges before being introduced to its US lounges. All plastic water bottles at Heathrow lounges are being replaced with glass, which will be rolled out throughout all of the airline’s UK lounges over the next month.

British Airways has proclaimed its intention to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which is a lofty goal for an airline, and movements toward carbon-friendly meals are part of that plan. In-flight plant-based choices are already offered on Qatar Airways, Jetstar, Cathay Pacific (offering Omnipork), Etihad, and American Airlines.

“We want to create an even better British Airways and know that we need to keep making changes to the customer experience with things like alternative menus, reducing plastics and introducing new technology to get us to where we want to be,” said British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience Tom Stevens.

Source: “British Airways Launches Plant-Based Menus in its Airport Lounges” by vegconomist



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