Beyond Meat Partners With Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

To expand its plant-based food selection, Disneyland Paris has joined with Beyond Meat.

The theme park’s official plant-based meat partner is now the California-based vegan meat company. Major alliances with companies like McDonald’s and KFC already exist.

Every meal served on-site, from its hotels to its park eateries, will have a vegetarian option thanks to chefs using the brand’s products.

A ‘Better Future’

The general manager of Beyond Meat’s EMEA division, Jord Oostdam, referred to Disneyland Paris as a “beloved and iconic brand” that shares the company’s goals for a “better future.”

The meat industry harms the environment. Water pollution, deforestation, and high greenhouse gas emissions are just a few of the environmental challenges it severely exacerbates.

However, research points to the superiority of plant-based diets. According to a study funded by Beyond Meat, its plant-based Beyond Burger produces 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a cattle burger. Additionally, it consumes 46 percent less energy and 93 percent less land.

Offering Beyond Meat at Disneyland, according to Oostdam, is a “true milestone” for the company.

With millions of visitors each year, the theme park is one of the most well-liked travel attractions in all of Europe. Many of those will probably be looking for more plant-based solutions. According to a research published last year, almost all Europeans now consume less meat.

“As more consumers gravitate towards flexitarian diets, we’re looking forward to surprising and delighting Disneyland Paris’ guests with our plant-based meat offerings that taste just as great as conventional meat and can help make a positive impact,” said Oostdam.

Source: “Disneyland Paris Partners With Beyond Meat To Offer Meatless Option For Every Meal it Serves” by Plant Based News

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