How to Throw an Epic Vegan Picnic

Warmer weather means spending more time outdoors enjoying nature and being with the people you love. Whether you’ve never hosted a picnic before or you’re concerned about plant-based options, we’ve got you covered in terms of the epic vegan picnic must-haves!

Plant-based food

When it comes to picnics, don’t even think about soups and saucy foods. Go with finger foods that are easy to make, transport, and hold. Plant-based sandwiches, an assortment of fruits and raw veggies, cookies, and easy-to-scoop dishes like salad, mac ‘n cheez, or a casserole are good options.

If you’ve got a barbecue, grilled vegetables are yummy, or you can prepare ingredients for friends to assemble their own plant-based burger.

Want to impress? Bring out your charcuterie board and assemble an impressive display of vegan cheese, faux meats, fruit, crackers, and condiments. If you’ve got a tiered tray, assemble an array of vegan pastries in high tea fashion. 

Also, don’t forget some extra snacks and dessert! A one-stop shop for this is PlantraW for ketogenic, vegan, raw, gluten-free snacks that are as delectable as they are wholesome and nutritious. 

Billion Vegans, GTFO It’s Vegan, NoPigNeva, and Vejii are a few other places that have a ton of vegan food options that will ship directly to you.

You can also check out our resources page for links to great vegan recipes.


Bringing your own water is fine, but cartons or large bottles of beverages like sparkling water, juice, iced tea, or kombucha are great alternatives.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, pop open the wine! Shop ahead at Vegan Wines to find a great selection that’ll pair well with what will be served

Other picnic accoutrements

A picnic blanket or table cover is a must. If you use disposable plates and utensils, try to cut down on plastic use by using ones that are paper-based or made of other biodegradable materials. Don’t forget the napkins and hand sanitizer! Reusable bamboo or metal picnic sets are widely available from companies like Plastic Free Ocean for picnicware.

If making food isn’t your jam, order takeout or delivery, and support your local restaurants. Bonus if they allow you to bring your own containers! 

For an extra pro touch, wrap sets of cutlery ahead of time into napkins, and scatter twigs and flowers as table decor.

Finally, have a few activities on hand to keep people occupied in between nibbles. Bring out the frisbees, baseball and gloves, volleyball or badminton nets, playing cards, and smartphone games!

Got any other ideas for throwing an epic vegan picnic, or have you hosted one recently? Tag us on social media @vkindapp, and use vKind to search for all your vegan picnic needs!



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