2020 Vegan Holiday Gift Guide – Shop with Kindness in Mind

The Holidays are upon us and with that you might be in search of gift ideas for your favorite Vegan, Vegetarian or VegCurious peeps. Well… look no further as we’ve assembled a list of some of our favs! 

2020 has been a real roller coaster, especially for small businesses, so lettuce (because puns are fun) use our dollars to support the businesses and professionals we love that are contributing to and part of the VegEconomy™!  This is good for People, our Planet and of course the Animals! Check out these cruelty-free gifts we’re sure you’ll love!

For your browsing pleasure we’ve segmented our finds in a few categories so you can click below to go to the category of your choosing or go through all one-by-one. Each will bring you to the businesses listing here on vKind and there’s a special Gift Guide link to find exactly the item(s) showcased. EnJOY:

For Any Vegan : 

1. Jaan J Products – For all your Tie, Bow Tie and Accessory needs. Jaan J. caters to the needs of those who appreciate quality neckwear, but don’t want to wear silk! They have some dashing designs and a giveback PETA line!

2. MooShoes – because who doesn’t love cruelty-free animal-approved apparel and shoes!?

3. Sanctuary Tees – A super cute shop with loads of t-shirt designs (we just love the tubby raccoon) + they even have vegan saying throw pillows! 

4. Vegetaryn – Know anyone repping that Mushroom Mafia? This is the hat for them, or check out the plethora of other items in their robust shop!

5. Conscious Step – Consciously created socks to have every step work towards supporting people, the planet and animals! You can choose a cause you’d like to support with your purchase + they have a sustainable sock subscription. 

6. Herbivore Clothing Co. – We love the saying on this insulated water bottle “The World Will Change If We Do”  Herbivore Clothing Co. is the OG for ethically made, cruelty-free clothing and accessories! Adorable vegan kids clothes? Check. Stickers, buttons and flair? Check. Vegan pantry items? Check. It’s a one stop shop that walks their talk! 

7. Matt & Nat – Loving the sleek design of this Sydney Backpack, but if that’s not your bag (wink wink… see how we did that again? We hope you giggle as much as we did writing this.) be sure to browse their entire collection as you’re bound to find one that says “pick me! pick me!”

8. Quinoa Style – This “Say Protein Again! Say It!” mug says it all because anyone who’s been vegan for at least a week has heard the “But, where do you get your protein?” question… Sometimes we just gotta laugh.

9. Corkor – How cool is this cork card holder?! Practical yet polished a clever catch-all for your cards and cash. It’s available in an array of colors and is RFID safe. Not in need of a cork card holder?! Well, take a look at their belts, bags and other accessories for sustainable and vegan leather alternatives.

10. A to Z Candles – Because we’d all like to be #ZenAF, especially this year. Enjoy this hand-mixed blend of white sage, citrus and lemongrass to help find your center (before you lose your shit) A to Z Candles has a large assortment of other styles and scents to satiate your candle needs.

11. Visibly Veg – We love this Veg Emblem! An elegant way to show some love for the vegan lifestyle. Looks great on a car, laptop or your vegan-friendly fridge! 

12. Mercy for Animals – These Sweet Notations note cards are a great gift for the snail mail lover in your life. The set has five designs showcasing kindness for farm animals. Expressing your kind side has never been so easy!

For The Animal Activist

1. Indraloka Animal Sanctuary – A great conversation starter tee whose proceeds go directly back to caring for the over 200 animals that live at Indraloka. This purchase helps provide them with the daily love and care they deserve.

2. Better Piggies Rescue – Well, we’re going to wear masks for awhile so why not showcase and support a Powerful Piggie Rescue?! You could also make a donation in honor of or sponsor one of the pigs or cows that lives their best life at Better Piggies Rescue.

3. Rancho Compasion – We LOVE these “Compassion Cameo” or Virtual Private Tour offerings! A great gift for an individual or something fun and different to do with your team at work! These tours give a chance to virtually connect with the rescued barnyard residents and are sure to bring a smile and a warm heart in the process!

For the Vegan Body

1. Give the gift of plant-powered energy and adrenal support with Inspire Organics Light Up Energy Supermix! A great idea for the person on your list who is always on the go and could use an extra boost for their health and mind.

2. O’Douds because Beards are Never Basic. A complete collection of cruelty-free Beard Oil, Beard Balm and a recycled cotton bag. 

3. The holidays can be hectic so why not gift this calming Coconut Rehab skincare set from Pacifica. 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free!

4. Lipslut where activism meets beauty! We’re loving these vegan lipsticks and lip gloss. They’re sugar and spice with a little bite 😉 

5. Add some comfort and cheer with Sweet Orange-Clove Soap from Strawberry Hedgehog! We’ve been using her soaps for YEARS and absolutely love them. There are a myriad of choices so be sure to have some fun browsing. Mindfully crafted vegan products that are safe, healthy and clean… Yes please!

For the Vegan Foodie

1. Vegan Cookbooks Galore!!! Pick a specialty or type of food and you’re sure to find it in this robust collection brought to you by Herbivore Clothing Co. We especially are drawn to the Evolving Vegan by Mena Massoud as it features eighty global recipes and tips for vegans and the veg-curious.

2. Maya’s Cookies – You can’t go wrong with this delicious, delectable, Deluxe Holiday Tin featuring some holiday favorites and new twists on old classics! We LOVE all of Mayas Cookies, but would go out of our way to get more of those Chocolate Peppermint S’mores in our mouths.

3. The Herbivorous Butcher – Your foodie’s mouth will water over a gift certificate to this shop! Super small-batch ALL VEGAN meat-free meats & cheese-free cheeses! You could also take a look at their sampler packs, jerky of the month club or the vegan starter kit 2.0!

5. Vegancuts – your choice of a monthly box o’vegan snacks, makeup or beauty items is the gift that keeps on giving! Vegancuts is a purveyor of goods built to celebrate the vegan lifestyle and bring new vegan products you can trust.

For our Animal Friends

1. Don’t forget goodies for your furry friends. Take a look at Eco Dogs and Cats where you can find Shelby the Hemp Mouse filled with organic catnip. This is all-natural and ready to please even the most discerning of feline friends.

2. These Snout and Paw Soothers from Unicorn Goods are made to soothe, moisturize and protect their sensitive feet and noses so you’ll have happier babies ready for more snuggles.

3. Hero Pet Supplies has a plethora of toys and nummy stuff. Take a gander at Knit Knacks Petey the Pear toy for Petite Pups – it squeaks and is hand-knit with 100% organic cotton! 

4. Shaded Trails All Natural Dog Treats because we believe your dog’s treats should be a treat and not meat! These are 100% human-grade, plant-based and all-natural crunchy dog treats made with ingredients you can trust and pronounce. 

For Vegan Kids (or kids at heart)

1. Ruby Roth has created a treasure trove of gifts for our compassionate kiddos! How adorable are these Vegan is Love onesies and kids shirts?!

2. Animal Hero Kids – Voices for the Voiceless is a compilation of heartwarming and inspiring stories for all ages. A great way to share how one person can and does make a difference with our actions and choices.

3. Jess Lohman’s book – Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest. A beautiful story of a ten-year-old girl who discovers she can talk to animals. In the back of the book there are 15 easy actionable steps that will help the compassionate kid(s) in your life become a much needed voice for the animals. We interviewed Jess Lohmann to learn more about this book which you can read here.

4. We can’t get enough of Ruby Roth 🙂 We highly recommend all her books and especially love the Young Activist 3-Book Gift Pack and her Nautilus Book Awards Winner Bad Day. All of which further empower children to love deeply, think critically, and act responsibly.

5. Rancho Compasion brings us the Rescued! Card game! This game features dozens of stories of individual animals rescued by animal sanctuaries, shelters, and rescue organizations, with beautifully crafted paintings on each card. Sure to be a hit for the whole family.

6. Holiday-themed Chocolates from No Whey Chocolate. These are a staple in our home for almost every holiday. Fun shapes and offerings that allow our kids (and us chocolate lovers in general) to partake in the fun and deliciousness of chocolate without the cruelty.

For the Artsy Vegan

1. My Pretty Babi – Um… Embroidered Custom Pet Portrait in a Mini Frame? Yes please! This is a great remembrance gift for someone who may have lost their beloved family member or simply a portrait of their favorite friend! 

2. Lisette Art Shop – “Take Me To Your Vegans” Add some fun and whimsy to holiday (or general) decor with this adorable alien cow ornament. Lisette Art Shop has a plethora of gifts for the Artsy Vegan on your list including Hanukkah focused pieces! If you like smiling head on over to her shop and take a peek.

3. Plant Posse Art stickers for everyone! This Nine Pack of Vegan vinyl stickers is sure to be a hit and Lettuce Romaine Kind 😉 

4. Studio Lyn – We love this painting of Freddie who is enjoying the rest of his days at Skylands Sanctuary in New Jersey. This piece along with many others can be found at Studio Lyn as well as the option to have custom Pet Portraits created and more! A perfect gift for the Animal Loving Artsy Vegan in your life!

For the Stylish Vegan

1. BriBird Creative created this dainty lotus flower necklace! We’re swooning over this vegan owned eco-conscious custom jewelry shop. 

2. Peas & Love allows your fav veg lover to wear this beautiful mantra… Be Kind to Every Kind. Also, 25% of the proceeds from this bracelet are donated to non-profits helping reduce animal cruelty and spreading the word about the benefits of a cruelty-free diet!

3. Mishakaudi has created this stunning CresAmaz necklace featuring a gold plated brass crescent with hammered texture showcasing an Amazonite arrowhead drop. Sure to be a go-to piece for the stylish vegan on your list.

4. Westland Jewelry is lovingly crafted with the planet and its inhabitants in mind using ethical and sustainable practices. We’re loving this organic crescent design, first sculpted in wax by hand then cast in recycled bronze.

5. Slice of Citrus is full of fun and unique pieces created out of real fruits and vegetables! These earrings are made from real dragon fruit that’s been dried and coated in eco-friendly resin. Every pair is one-of-a-kind and delightful!



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