Athletic Greens Wins illumi Award as Outstanding Emerging Business

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SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UserTesting, a leader in video-based human insight, today announced that Athletic Greens was the recipient of the Outstanding Emerging Business Award, one of the illumi Award winners announced during The Human Insight Summit in New Orleans this past October. Athletic Greens utilizes the UserTesting® Human Insight Platform to support its digital marketing efforts and customer initiatives, and to gain customer insights into its product, branding, and messaging, as well as the usability of its digital products. The company understands the power of human insights, and thoroughly researches the interactions of customers and potential customers with web pages, podcast ads, production descriptions, and more. Athletic Greens’ customer base includes health-oriented people who care about getting great nutrition today as well as making a healthy investment in longevity. UserTesting’s broad, opt-in network of contributors enables the company to connect with, get feedback from, and understand its target audiences.

Athletic Greens continually gathers feedback from customers to ensure their flagship product, AG1, has a superior and pleasing flavor that customers enjoy. Additionally, because AG1 is composed of the highest quality products available on the market, the company works closely with customers to ensure people understand the true value and health benefits of the product. With the help of the UserTesting platform, Athletic Greens is able to hear first-hand how existing and potential customers indicate their preferences regarding health priorities, taste descriptions and recipes, and breakdowns of why AG1 is so valuable to them personally.

“Human insight reminds us that customers will give us the answers and guidance that we need to deliver great experiences that convert them into loyal customers,” said McKenna Rowe, Director, Product Design at Athletic Greens. “UserTesting is critical for getting the qualitative feedback that enables our team to iterate quickly. UserTesting helps illuminate customer needs and what their pain points are.”

“Athletic Greens is a successful direct-to-consumer company that truly understands the value that human insight can provide to their business operations. The company leverages UserTesting to understand how customers feel about products. That understanding enables Athletic Greens to tailor their messaging to their target audiences and improve the usability of digital experiences,” said Michelle Huff, Chief Marketing Officer at UserTesting. “UserTesting gives ecommerce companies the ability to see what it’s like to actually be a customer firsthand. Athletic Greens maximizes the value of bringing continuous customer learning into their operations, and as a result, they are a 2022 illumi Award winner.”



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