Ukrainian Rescues Kangaroos From Kharkiv Zoo

Ukrainian Rescues Kangaroos

Before being rescued by a volunteer, the unfortunate animals’ enclosure was repeatedly attacked by the Russian army. In a video, ten kangaroos are shown quietly waiting in a van while they are transferred, with a volunteer driving the vehicle. Among the creatures are what appear to be two little Albino Wallabies, a macropod species that is highly rare.

As they traverse the destroyed from the shelling region of Kharkiv, one of the cute animals can be seen attentively staring out the van window.

The creatures were kept in the Feldman Ecopark on the outskirts of Kharkiv, near the city’s northwestern fringes.

Since the invasion of Ukraine more than a month ago, Russian soldiers have launched repeated strikes on Kharkiv.

On Thursday, March 24, the volunteer was able to rescue the kangaroos from the shelled zoo and take them to safety.

They are presently housed in a location where they are believed to be safe and secure.

Animals have been evacuated from the Ecopark with the aid of volunteers and NGOs during the last few weeks.

The Ecopark had approximately 2,000 animals before the conflict, including llamas, alpacas, tigers, chimps, snakes, and more.

The organization is making a last-ditch effort to raise funds to assist preserve the remaining animals caught up in the conflict.

“Rescue of animals from the territory of the Ecopark continues!” the Felsman Ecopark wrote in a statement to its social media followers.

“These kangaroos were taken out the day before yesterday, that is, now they are already safe… This is very nice, because their enclosures, unfortunately, were repeatedly shelled… We believe that now they will be fine!”

“Many thanks to volunteers and employees who take risks to save animals, as well as to our many friends – caring people, businesses and NGOs who help us financially and make our rescue operations possible,” they added.

“Your support truly saves lives! Donations can be sent using the details posted on our website.”

Source: “Ukrainian braves heavy Russian shelling to rescue ten kangaroos trapped in Kharkiv zoo” by Express

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