Help Us Save Hollie, a Beautiful Horse in Need.

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Meet Hollie

Meet Hollie, the Quarter Horse/Arab Mix beauty and descendant of the record-setting stallion, Hollywood Dun It. Although her grandfather lived the pampered and glamorous life of a Hollywood show horse, Hollie was not so lucky. Tragically, it may have been her sweet, gentle personality and love for humans and children that led to her exploitation.

For 20 years of her life on this earth, Hollie has dedicated her days to serving humans as a trail horse and in a riding program for kids. In recent years, Hollie has developed severe arthritis in her knees and legs from overuse, an abscess in her foot from not having her hooves cleaned, dental issues due to a poor diet and improper care, and a lopsided back from carrying so many people for extended hours.

These days, Hollie spends most of her days laying down in a great deal of pain.

Her current owner in Arizona, is unable to care for Hollie any longer and has tried to sell her to no avail. Indeed, due to an abscess in her foot and arthritis in her joints, Hollie is hard to sell—no one wants to pay for a lame horse.

The next option waiting for Hollie was to be sent to auction for a fate even worse than her current reality. As soon as we learned of her suffering and horrifying future, the vKind team jumped in to see how we could help.

Thankfully, we are beyond blessed to have established a relationship with Saffyre Sanctuary in Sylmar, California, so that Hollie can be retired in dignity and with care among other rescued horses. At Saffyre, Hollie will spend her days in pastures instead of in pain, finally living freely with humans off her back.

But we need your help.

In order for Saffyre Sanctuary to take Hollie under their wing, her veterinary and maintenance costs along with travel expenses will first need to be covered.

With your contribution, Hollie will have relief from her constant pain and be able to enjoy the remaining years of her life in an environment where she is cared for and respected.

Let’s help her finally experience the life she deserves.

To learn more about Saffyre Sanctuary , look out for our vKind Vibes travel series in the making, where we visit Saffyre to showcase the incredible work and love behind this organization.


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