Lonely Blind Bison Befriended by Curious Calf

calf licking bisons head

Meet Helen, a blind bison who lives at Oregon’s Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. She originally came to the sanctuary around 5 years ago, but because of her anxious personality, she struggled to mingle with the other animals. “When Helen first got here she was very shy and seemed a little lonely, so we tried to pair her with ‘pasture pals’ so she could have a friend but no one really synced up with her… About a year later, we rescued a pregnant dairy cow named Betsy who gave birth to Oliver at the sanctuary. The minute he was big enough to go exploring he ventured out to Helen’s field and their friendship was almost immediate,” stated Gwen from Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary.

Oliver, the inquisitive Jersey calf, came along and showed Helen the respect and attention she deserved. The unusual pair rapidly became great friends and built a strong relationship. Helen’s maternal instincts came in as well, and she started grooming Oliver. As he grew bigger, the baby calf’s fur began to change color to match her dark brown coat.

Helen’s entire attitude began to alter as their connection became stronger, and she became noticeably happier. Helen and Oliver were together for a year (with Oliver’s mother Betsy nearby) before the calf decided it was time to join the sanctuary’s cow herd. But Helen didn’t go back to being lonely; her encounter with Oliver had given her the confidence to let additional animals into her life. Uma, a recently rescued piglet, began paying Helen visits at that time. The new companions frequently share meals and cuddle up in the hay.

Helen has even agreed to be a foster mother to Italo, a baby calf rescued by the Lighthouse Farm crew a year ago. They spend virtually the whole day together, and she enjoys grooming him. “Watching Helen come out of her shell has been truly incredible and we’re just so blessed to know her. She’s the kindest, most patient, and loving animal we’ve had the pleasure of knowing,” Gwen stated.

Helen and her pals can thrive at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary because it provides a safe and caring environment for them. 

“Our sanctuary is home to almost 300 non-human animals who have seen the very worst of humanity and every day they amaze us with their profound abilities to love and to be loved, even after the tragedies they have endured… Our goal is to share their stories with the community and bring about positive change in the way they are viewed by society,” the team stated.

On their website, you can learn more about this beautiful refuge, and on Instagram, you can follow Helen’s touching friendships.

Source: “Curious Calf Offers Friendship to Lonely Blind Bison and Changes Her Life” by My Modern Met



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