5 Sanctuaries Rescuing Turkeys This Thanksgiving

graphic for animal sanctuary appreciation day with image of pig and turkey

It’s Animal Sanctuary Appreciation Day!  

An inherent quality of speciesism is choosing animals not to kill based on what we like about them. But when people come to better understand commonly-eaten animals, they realize the varied and unique personalities inherent in all creatures, and are more likely to consciously reconsider their food choices.

That’s where sanctuaries come in! 

Aside from animal rescue, an amazing contribution of animal sanctuaries is the impact they have on shaping how people view farm animals. Sanctuaries allow people to connect and build relationships with beings that would otherwise only wind up on their plates.

With Thanksgiving in mind, we thought there’d be no better way to show our sanctuary love than by highlighting adopt-a-turkey programs from five sanctuaries listed on vKind. 

Turkeys happen to be very social and playful animals who are intelligent and full of quirky personality traits like our culturally-revered cats and dogs. 

Tragically, an estimated 45 million turkeys will be killed this year just for one holiday, most of them before even reaching 1 year of age. 

Here are 5 sanctuaries providing you the opportunity to take turkey off the table and save a life this year!

  1. Farm Sanctuary 

The OGs of turkey adoption, Farm Sanctuary’s adopt-a-turkey program has encouraged people to symbolically adopt rescued “spokesturkeys” every Thanksgiving since 1986! Your donation to this program helps care for rescued turkeys and protects others still in need. 

When you adopt a turkey with Farm Sanctuary, you’ll receive a digital certificate with your adopted turkey’s photo and bio—or you can choose a mailed print certificate that includes their rescue story. You’ll also be signed up for a one-year subscription to Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary’s biannual print magazine.

Single turkey donation: $35 

Meet this year’s spokesturkeys!

  1. Woodstock Sanctuary

Located in the beautiful Woodstock region of Upstate New York, Woodstock Sanctuary has rescued hundreds of animals from humane socieites, SPCA cruelty cases, and a suprising number from the streets of New York City. 

For each $50 sponsorship now through December 31st, you’ll receive a beautiful card that includes a color photo of the turkey you’re sponsoring that shares their story, personality and how they came to Woodstock. 

Single turkey donation: $50

Adopt an NY turkey!

  1. The Riley Farm Rescue 

Give the gift of sponsoring a turkey for yourself or someone else this Thanksgiving by donating to Riley’s turkey residents in Canterbury, CT. Your contribution will go towards’s a turkey’s food and care this holiday season. 

You can even adopt a turkey in your name, or as a gift to someone else! Can’t choose a turkey to support? No problem—adopt the whole flock for a donation of $200! 

As a gift to you, all symbolic adoptive turkey parents will be entered to win a raffle prize. 

Single turkey donation: $30

Whole flock donation: $200 

Meet Riley’s turkey residents!

  1. Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost

Located in the high plains of Colorado, this entirely volunteer-run, 38-acre sanctuary cares for more than 100 roosters along with many other misplaced, abandoned, or abused farm birds as well as goats, horses and sheep while advocating for the vegan lifestyle.   

Your contribution not only rescues a turkey, but supports a smaller, volunteer-run sanctuary that specifically advocates for farm birds!
Single turkey donation: $35 dollars 

Support farm birds & save a life!
Learn more about Rooster Sanctuary

  1. Pasado’s Safe Haven

Located in Sultan, Washington, Pasado’s Safe Haven is just one of just four recipients in the world to be recognized as an outstanding sanctuary this year by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), and the only one to receive the Outstanding Farmed Animal Sanctuary award!

Sponsor a turkey from this leading Pacific Northwest sanctuary and feel your heart melt as you learn the names and personalities of these sweet birds on their bios. With descriptions of favorite pastimes such as, “running the turkey obstacle course created by her caregivers,” how can you not fall in love?!

Minimum donation: $15 

Sponsor the PNW turkeys!



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