The Danish Government has set aside 1 Billion Kroner to Boost the Production of Plant-Based Foods

The Danish government has declared that 1.25 billion kroner (€168 million) will be invested on plant-based food. This is part of a “unprecedented” climate deal aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Furthermore, it represents the EU’s largest ever investment in plant-based research and development.

Denmark supports the plant-based food industry

All parties in parliament have accepted the agreement on a “green conversion” of Danish agriculture.

The government intends to reduce both GHG and nitrogen emissions by 2030. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, the goal is to reduce them by more than half to 1990s levels.

It also urges farmers to become more climate-friendly in order to achieve these objectives. To ensure that, ‘concrete’ actions will be implemented.

The policy states, ‘Agricultural support must be used actively as a tool to give farmers an incentive to switch to more sustainable production and thus support the green transition in the industry.’

The government has pledged to increase plant-based food production in particular. This entails the creation of new work opportunities as well as an emphasis on sales promotions and education.

The government promises to develop a ‘green protein’ approach for both humans and animals. Animal welfare should also be prioritized, according to the agreement.

Environmental safety

In addition, the document lays forth goals for reducing tree fallings in Danish forests and expanding the country’s forest acreage.

According to the guidelines, Denmark’s agricultural sector must provide the “best” circumstances for adaptation. It will be phased out progressively to reach this goal.

“With this announcement, Denmark has recognized the huge potential of sustainable proteins to drive down agricultural emissions, and established itself as Europe’s biggest public investor in plant-based innovation,” said Acacia Smith, of the Good Food Institute Europe.

“As they prepare for COP26, governments around the world should be factoring plant-based and cultivated meat into their climate plans. If they are serious about meeting the Paris Agreement and building strong, green economies, they must follow Denmark’s lead and invest in bringing sustainable proteins to consumers’ plates.”

The organization applauded the measure, calling it “unprecedented.”

Source: “Danish Government Allocates 1 Billion Kroner To Ramp Up Plant-Based Food Production” by Plant Based News



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