Vegan Breaks 2 Guinness World Records

Guinness World Record Vegan Push Ups

Dr. Joe DeMarco, a chiropractor, former bodybuilder, and vegan, has smashed the Guinness World Records for most pushups in eight and twelve hours.

DeMarco set a new record of 21,008 pushups in 12 hours on Wednesday (May 25), breaking the old mark of 20,085.

During the same event, he broke the previous eight-hour record by accomplishing 15,261 pushups, compared to 14,444 for the previous record-holder.

DeMarco’s athletic achievement is the result of his 20-year bodybuilding profession and gymnastics background. The Massachusetts-based 57-year-old has since retired from bodybuilding, but he still enjoys “continually challenging” himself.

“My motivation for this most recent challenge was my dog Buddha,” DeMarco wrote online. DeMarco rescued Buddha around two years ago.

“Although not much is known about Buddha’s past, I know it was not good,” he said.

“He was most likely used as a guard dog as people coming through doors enrage him … With a lot of hard work and a loving home, Buddha became the sweet, lovable dog that was always deep inside of him.”

Buddha lost the use of his back legs and got a cancerous tumor on his spleen after a “very tough year,” according to DeMarco. “I don’t know how much longer Buddha will be with me, but I have dedicated my latest challenge to him,” he said.

Charitable Donation

DeMarco organized a fundraising campaign for the Guinness World Record attempt-turned-victory. Cape Ann Animal Aid, a non-profit, no-kill animal sanctuary in Gloucester, Massachusetts, will get 100% of the revenues.

“Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for fitness and animals. Over the course of my life, I have fostered and rescued many animals that were in need,” he said.

“My love of animals is also the reason that I maintain a 100 percent plant-based diet.”

Those interested can give to DeMarco’s Cape Ann Animal Aid fundraiser here.

Source: “Vegan Breaks 2 Guinness World Records For Most Pushups, Donates Funds To Animal Shelter” by Plant Based News 

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