APTO, a Vegan Skincare Line Is Now Available at Target

seven APTO skincare products

APTO Skincare will be available at Target locations across the country starting this week. Target’s Takeoff Beauty Accelerator program, which was established to assist developing product-based firms wanting to enter retail as their next stage of growth, accepted the natural skincare company in 2021. Marta Cros, APTO’s CEO and Founder, and her team got unparalleled coaching from Target executives across a wide range of areas, including promotions, logistics, and warehousing, as part of the program.

“When we joined the Target Takeoff program, we were fully aware that launching at Target upon completion was not a given. For us, it was simply a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry… The intensity of the program forced us to be laser-focused on our goals and priorities. The feedback we received from Target leaders helped us polish our value proposition—from packaging improvements to getting ready from a logistical standpoint, it was the best training we could have ever asked for. The cherry on the top was getting the opportunity to launch our product in the Natural Beauty section at nearly 800 stores in 2022,” Cros stated.

Making Clean Beauty More Accessible

Cros founded APTO Skincare in 2015 with the goal of making natural beauty more accessible. While the brand began with 35+ goods, the difficulties of 2020 forced the firm to rethink its product offering in order to keep up with the times. The brand now only sells seven items, which has proven to be a more efficient means of making vegan skincare easy, inexpensive, and accessible to the general public.

“For me it is important to share that APTO is not an overnight success… We’ve had some ups and many downs since launching in 2015, but through persistence, nimbleness and a belief in our project, we’ve not only survived, we are thriving,” Cros stated.

The APTO Product Line at Target

APTO, which means “appropriate” in Spanish, is a line of seven skin necessities created for all skin types and issues. In all of its goods, the company defines itself as a minimalist brand and employs ethically obtained natural ingredients such as witch hazel, turmeric, orange flower, and grapeseed oil. To create a more sustainable economy, APTO also employs recyclable aluminum packaging and eliminates unnecessary materials (such as carton boxes) as an eco-conscious company.

The Orange Blossom Cleanser, Coconut Water Toner, Orange Blossom Lip Balm, Turmeric Mist, Kakadu Plum Serum, and Turmeric Mask are among the APTO products offered at Target, all of which are priced at $20 or less and are available in-store and online.

Where Can You Purchase APTO Skincare?

APTO vegan skincare products are now available at Target locations around the country and on Target.com. Visit APTOSkincare.com for more information about the brand and its products.

Source: “Vegan Skincare Brand APTO Launches at Target” VegOut Magazine



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