3 Simple Strategies To Start Your Day With A Positive Attitude

3 Simple Strategies To Start Your Day With A Positive Attitude

How can you start your day with high energy?

Begin by giving thanks; express gratitude for everything you can think of. Invent a routine for the first few hours after waking up. Your morning routine takes place before engaging with anyone or touching your phone. Activities that you personally love must be a part of this regimen. Set your intention on positivity at the peak of your morning, and it will cycle into the rest of your day. I call my morning routine “magical raising.” When waking up, I quickly get out of bed as soon as I open my eyes.

The first activity I do is journaling. I write about everything I am grateful for, what I am proud of myself for, and what I am happy about. I love my penmanship. It is very fun writing and reflecting with myself. Journaling helps give me clarity.

Meditating brings inner peace and helps me manage my emotions. Controlling my emotions was a challenge for myself, and meditation has helped me be in full control of my emotions. Now that I meditate daily, I have that awareness that I am the only person in full control of myself, and everything outside of me has no control over me unless I give it control over me. Looking over my vision board reminds me of the beautiful future I am creating for myself.

Movement is important; yoga has always been an activity I love engaging in each morning. I feel it hits all aspects of movement. Yoga helps with being mindful, helps your breath work, and helps you fully stretch your body. Stretching helps your joints and increases blood flow toward your muscles. Yoga is all-around amazing for your health. I challenge my readers to try it out for themselves and see how it improves your entire life.

My morning magical raising gives my day a brighter start. From journaling to meditating and then I read my vision board, and I finish my magical raising with yoga. Each one of those activities brings me joy. Doing activities that bring you joy and happiness is important to start your day off with! I hope this helps you with starting a morning routine for yourself that will start your day off with high energy. Often how you start your day is normally transferred throughout your whole day. Make sure you are being intentional about starting your day off with positivity.

Author: Brianna Lawnya Stone



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