Wicked Kitchen Obtains North American Channels of Good Catch

Wicked Foods and Good Catch

Wicked Kitchen, a plant-based company, has bought the North American channels of alternative seafood supplier Good Catch, claiming that “we will have the largest variety of animal-free consumer packaged goods in the industry.”

With the acquisition, Wicked will be able to offer both ambient and frozen plant-based fish. The company will take over the Good Catch name in North America, and Gathered Foods, the parent business of Good Catch, will become a shareholder in Wicked. Distribution, product availability, and branding will all stay constant.

Chef brothers Chad and Derek Sarno launched Wicked and Good Catch together. Wicked and Good Catch will collaborate on the development of plant-based products under the leadership of Chad Sarno, who will serve as both brands’ chief culinary officer. Wicked will be assisted by Good Catch in growing its position in the foodservice industry.

Wicked Kitchen

Following a $14 million Series A fundraising round, Wicked Kitchen announced last year that it will be expanding into the US. The brand then began rolling out to 2,500 locations, making it the biggest plant-based launch in US grocery history. These locations included all Kroger and Sprouts Farmers Market stores. Since then, Wicked has opened 6,500 US retail locations and introduced other goods, such as handmade pizzas and ice cream made with lupins.

Good Catch

Retailers in the US that carry Good Catch include Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Giant. 500 Tesco stores in the UK have debuted the brand, while Swell Catch is the name under which it is sold in Canada. In addition, Good Catch maintains alliances with various US dining establishments.

“By folding Good Catch’s plant-based seafood offerings into Wicked Kitchen’s North American footprint we will have the largest variety of animal-free consumer packaged goods in the industry available at more than 30,000 distribution points… The two brands’ product lines complement each other and are 100% accretive, and the breadth of products across departments – from appetizers to desserts and everything in between – allows us to provide great-tasting food that appeals to everyone,” said Pete Speranza, CEO of Wicked Kitchen.

Source: “Wicked Kitchen Acquires Good Catch’s North American Channels” by vegconomist

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