Why Crossroads Is Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrity Restaurant

Crossroads Kitchen Dish

Celebrities mingle with us in Los Angeles. To avoid being recognized, they frequently enter through the back door or use covert automobile services that don’t draw attention to themselves. Even though there are many celebrities in one place, they can be difficult to locate. You must visit Crossroads if you don’t want to unintentionally bump into Hollywood’s elite. Numerous celebrities have visited this vegan fine-dining establishment run by renowned chef Tal Ronnen in order to sample the exquisite plant-based meals. Whether a vegan or not, Jane Fonda and Paul McCartney have both expressed interest in Ronnen’s cuisine. We were curious as to what makes Crossroads the top celebrity destination. Here is what we discovered.

Delicious vegan food

Regardless of their status, customers receive five-star treatment while seated at tables covered in spotless white linens, but the pretense stops there. Crossroads’ menu is a duplicate of any reputable hotspot’s menu you’ll find in Los Angeles (minus the animal products). The housemade pasta and filling protein mains are complemented by exquisite appetizers, superbly prepared veggies, and attractively arranged desserts.

“Introducing diners who are not plant-based to our style of cooking is a really great feeling. Oftentimes people are dragged to the restaurant by a friend and don’t know what to expect, and it’s always the diehard carnivores who become long-time fans of our food and regulars at the restaurant,” Ronnen said.

You have to go back several times to sample it all, therefore the restaurant’s popularity may be attributed to the wide choices. Or, as Lizzo did, bring a pal. We’re left wondering if the performer and Shaun T. ordered the Impossible Cigars served with almond yogurt or the Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms as an appetizer. Or did they choose to split plates of the spicy rigatoni vodka and lentil tempeh piccata before cutting into a thick-cut Buffalo Mushroom Sicilian-style pizza? To discover this, we’ll have to carefully watch their social media accounts.

Former chef of Oprah

Tal Ronnen, the owner and chef, has a resume that demands attention. He created the menu for Oprah Winfrey’s 21-Day Cleanse and has served as the caterer for a number of high-profile occasions, including the wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi and even the first vegan meal in the US Senate. Additionally, he developed plant-based menus for each restaurant in the Wynn hotels in Las Vegas (owner Steve Wynn is vegan himself).

“Hopefully the good food! But more importantly, we are committed to people’s privacy, and I think that is definitely a draw. When we opened we had a huge problem with paparazzi every night so we built a garage in the back where our VIPs can enter and not be photographed. We also have a private dining room which guests who want privacy use on a regular basis,” Ronnen said when asked about Crossroads’ celebrity pull.

Even though you might not witness Katy Perry or a Kardashian approach the host at Crossroads and request a seat, you can still enjoy your dinner knowing that you might be breathing the same air that they do.

Ronnen is incredibly honored by everyone who decides to eat at his place and is also deeply humbled by his remarkable clientele. “We are super grateful to everyone who supports the restaurant regardless of whether they are a celebrity. At the end of a long night, it just feels good to have fed so many people,” he said.

Endless endorsements

Ronnen would want to think about building another level to his backlot parking garage given the quantity of celebs who eat at Crossroads and come back. Travis Barker and his wife Kourtney Kardashian are just a couple of the famous people who have dined here; they listed Crossroads as one of their favorite LA dinner spots. Kevin and Harley Quinn Smith, Alicia Silverstone, Addison Rae, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres, Tobey Maguire, Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Miley Cyrus, and others are among the other noteworthy visitors.

Due to the Food Network, the restaurant has also gained praise from well-known chefs. When competing on the Food Network’s Tournament of Champions this past spring, fellow Los Angeles chef, restaurant proprietor, and Food Network personality Michael Voltaggio picked Crossroads as his charity restaurant of choice. Voltaggio won the first round of the tournament, earning Crossroads a $10,000 grant.

The expansion

Crossroads has established itself as the go-to spot for vegan gourmet dining in Los Angeles, and Ronnen is now adding two new locations to the fan-favorite establishment. Crossroads Kitchen opened inside Resorts World Las Vegas earlier this year, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, making it the first vegan fine-dining establishment on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant revealed a new site in Calabasas, California, a city renowned for its celebrity residents, just one month before the big launch. With delicacies like Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms, Beet Tartare, and housemade pastas like Tagliatelle Bolognese and Fettuccine & Truffles, the Calabasas menu will be influenced by that of the Melrose location.

When it comes down to it, both regular people and celebrities seek comfort and flavor in their dining experiences, and Crossroads expertly meets both requirements.  “We strive to make everyone feel welcome no matter who they are. We don’t have a dress code, and even though we are a white tablecloth restaurant, it’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our food is appealing to everyone whether they are plant-based or not,” Ronnen stated.

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