vKind’s Guide to a 4th of July Vegan Barbeque

Whether to celebrate a historical day or to just enjoy time with friends and family, 4th of July is known to be a delicious and joyous occasion. 

Unfortunately, it is also a not so vegan-friendly holiday and the festivities can be difficult to engage with when enjoyment is centered around food you cannot eat. Well, in 2021, vegan barbeques are becoming increasingly popular and easier to supply thanks to the many vegan brands and recipes like ones you’ll see below. 

Keep reading vKinds guide to a Vegan 4th of July barbeque and hopefully you will find some ideas for your dinner and some new favorite brands to support along the way!

Maybe this 4th of July you don’t want a burger, but instead a smoky pulled “pork” or “chicken” sandwich. Barvecue’s line of pulled and chopped BVQ protein is exactly what you are looking for. You can buy them pre-sauced in thei original BVQ sauce or lightly seasoned and naked~ 

Also, as another bonus, their chopped BVQ happens to be gluten-free!

An American classic made meatless! Field Roast wings are a quick and yummy addition to the table. You can fry or bake them and serve them with any sauce. Maybe you could even give their chive and peppercorn ranch sauce a try.

No 4th of July barbeque would be complete without burgers, hot dogs or sausages and there are now hundreds of vegan alternative options that challenge classic options in flavor, quality and ethics. Here are some brands and recipes to try out!

Made from shiitake mushrooms in Thailand, Shroomeats burgers are mushroom based, vegan, gluten-free, and all natural. Its amazing meaty texture will impress all who taste it, vegan or not. 

If you think you’ll love their burgers, you can also give their Shroomeats shreds and meatballs a try!

Louie’s Plant Based ribs are smokey, spicy and perfect for the grill.

With your favorite seasonings, sauces and just 30 minutes on the grill, you can have finger-licking goodness and the guilt-free bonus that comes with it. 

It’s also handmade, non-GMO and soy-free for our more health-conscious friends. We’re all about inclusion here!

This delicious  and refreshing starter is great for a warm day outside. Made with Upton’s Naturals Banana Blossom, roasted coconut flakes, roasted peanuts or cashews, spring salad mix, a yummy vegan sweet chili tahi dressing and more. Upton’s Natural Banana Bloom can also be used to make tacos, sandwiches or even stews.

Homemade seitan is sometimes the best seitan – that can definitely be said about many of this company’s amazing products. From their mozzarella cheese to their queso to their flavorful sandwich slices, the Herbivorous Butcher is your dream vegan deli. You won’t be able to find vegan jalapeno cheddar, sriracha or beer brats anywhere else and if that sounds good, well it’s a good thing that you kept reading!

For all you foodies out there who want to avoid soy, this colorful chickpea and jackfruit burger recipe is easy, quick and will even have your non-vegan friends curious.

This recipe comes from season 4 winner of Top Chef Stephanie Izard and perfectly matches the fresh and vibrant vibe of summer. Made with Upton’s Naturals Shredded Jackfruit, chickpeas, red onion, dill, red pepper and a health mix of Morrocan seasonings – the description alone can make your mouth water! This recipe can also be made gluten-free if you opt for gluten-free breadcrumbs instead of regular. 

Try it with the slaw recipe it comes with to experience the full ensemble.

Still looking for that perfect side dish? Never Caged is best known for their vegan fried chicken sandwich but their gooey mac and cheese is some of the best you will taste!

If you live in LA, definitely show your support for this awesome business. 

They also offer online catering and wholesale options so you can be sure that your table will be the best looking and most delicious.

S’mores with Dandie’s Marshmallows

What better way to enjoy the fireworks and wind down from a day for fun with family than with S’mores! An american classic sweet treat perfect for outdoor entertainment and just as delicious in vegan form. 

You can buy your vegan marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate all online through GTFO It’s Vegan, NoPigNeva,  or Vejii.

Ice Creams

Whether it is oat, almond, cashew or coconut based, we all scream for ice cream! Another perfect and cool dessert to enjoy on a hot day at a barbecue. 

Follow this link to read about just a few of the amazing vegan ice cream brands that can be ordered online or found near you.

If you are looking for any other brands, caterers or restaurants to add to your 4th of July barbeque, then be sure to search ‘BBQ’ on vKind to find your new favorite near you or your next travel destination!



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