Violife Partners with Copper Branch and PLNT Burger

Violife Partners with PLNT Burger

Leading manufacturer of plant-based cheeses, Violife, has announced new partnerships with Copper Branch in Canada and PLNT Burger in the United States to increase its foodservice options.

On October 3rd, Copper Branch, one of the biggest chains of plant-based restaurants in the world, will introduce the new Benevolent Burger, better known as “The Bennie.” A bean-based patty from the British-Colombian company The Very Good Butchers will be included in the Bennie along with melted dairy-free cheese from Violife.

“This burger hits all the marks for great flavor and texture, and maintains a focus on clean ingredients, which isn’t always the case in the alternative meat and dairy-free categories… Violife was the perfect partner to join what started as a duo with Very Good Butcher, and we are excited to have their delicious dairy-free cheddar slices featured in this new and unique addition to our menu,”  said Trish Patterson, CEO of Copper Branch

East Coast partner

PLNT Burger, the East Coast burger chain, has partnered with Violife to become the chain’s sole provider of plant-based cheese. At all PLNT Burger locations, a variety of menu items, including the PLNT Cheeseburger, DBL PLNT Cheeseburger, Mushroom BBQ Bacon Burger, Chili Cheese Fries, Spicy Chik’N Sandwich, and Steakhouse Burger, will now include Violife’s assortment of cheeses.

Celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn was a co-founder of PLNT Burger, which lauded the flavor and texture of Violife products.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our new and existing fans a new way to enjoy our cheeses in plant-forward dishes that will delight and keep them coming back for more… This exclusive partnership showcases the deep admiration for Violife and PLNT Burger from fans and we’re excited to continue to expand with PLNT Burger stores across the U.S,” said Rachel Waynberg, Sr. Marketing Manager, Foodservice, Violife. 

Violife’s advertising

Violife’s profile in the UK is growing thanks to a significant new outdoor advertisement location. The 60-meter-long “Change Your Cheese” billboard may be found in London, between Clapham Junction and Vauxhall train stations. It is longer than an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

“Violife is going from strength to strength… And if the size of our latest OOH activation is anything to go by, the rest of the year is also going to the HUGE!” Victoria Slater, Violife’s head of Northern Europe, posted online.

Source: “Violife Cheese Partners with Fast Casual Chains Copper Branch and PLNT Burger on Exclusive New Burgers” by vegconomist

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