Vegan Wine Sales Increase By 51%

Woman Drinking Vegan Wine

According to Virgin Wines, between 2019 and 2021, the company’s vegan bottle sales climbed from just over 1.1 million to more than 1.7 million.

The increase of 51% is the result of Virgin Wines adding another 100 types of wine that are cruelty-free in 2020, boosting its total to more than 400.

During that same year, the brand conducted a study to learn more about the preferences of its customers. 36 percent of its clients actively looked for vegan options, according to gathered data.

Consumers were mostly driven by concerns for animal welfare and the environment.

“It’s not surprising to see such a rise in vegan wine sales… Over the last decade, far more alternative wine-finding methods have been found, allowing winemakers to move away from the traditional methods that are unsuitable for vegans,” said Sophie Lord, head of buying at Virgin Wines. 

Why isn’t all wine vegan?

Wine includes grapes as one of its ingredients, however filtration techniques allow non-vegan substances to get into the mix.

Casein, gelatin, isinglass, and egg whites are frequently used as wine fining agents. They clean completed drinks of unpleasant flavors and odors.

For instance, gelatin and casein, the protein in cow’s milk that helps to lessen bitterness. Wine can be made clearer with isinglass, which is made from fish swim bladders.

None are regarded as necessary because silica clay and pea gelatin are vegan substitutes. Numerous organic wine producers decided against fining, which unintentionally resulted in many types being suited for vegans and vegetarians.

The rising demand

According to Harpers, the market had a worth of £1.5 billion in 2019 and has room to develop even more. Retailers also seem to be paying attention.

More than 600 different wine kinds are available at Virgin Wines, almost two-thirds of which are vegan-friendly.

The creation of Marks and Spencer’s own animal-free wine line, Found, was another attempt to cash in on the fad. Additionally, it promised to make all of its wines vegan last year.

However, the British store SPAR got there before M&S. It declared in January of this year that all of its wine offerings had become vegan.

Source: “Sales Of Vegan Wines Up By 51% As More People Ditch Animal Products” by Plant Based News

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