Vegan Pizzas Launched By Pizza Hut Germany

Pizza Hut Germany Vegan Pizza

The first vegan pizzas have ever been offered by Pizza Hut Germany.

Three completely vegan pizzas are now available at the fast food restaurant, all of which use Violife vegan cheese.

There is the Tuscany Spicy Vegan, which includes balsamic vinegar, jalapenos, and bruschetta. Vegan chicken is added to the Smokey BBQ Vegan and Vegan Chik’n’cheez, which also includes dairy-free cheese sauce and vegan chicken.

Pizza Hut asserts that it developed vegan choices in response to consumer demand. “You wished for it, and we made it happen,” they said on Instagram.

The restaurant has also introduced Creamy Cheez Pasta Vegan, a pasta dish made without cheese.

The initiative is the result of a PETA petition that was begun in 2018. In a public post, the group commended Pizza Hut and each and every person who signed the petition.

“Together we are expanding the vegan range… Every vote counts… There has never been a better time for Pizza Hut Germany to take this pioneering step,” PETA said.

Vegan Fast Food

Around the world, Pizza Hut provides a number of vegan choices. For instance, the fast food restaurant chain last year added vegan Beyond Meat pepperoni to the menu in the US. Customers have a variety of options in the UK, including vegan stuffed crust.

Vegan choices are available at more fast-food restaurants than before. KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, Greggs, Nando’s, and Subway all provide vegan options in the UK.

Leading restaurateur James Lewis said earlier this year that vegan fast food would be the way of the future.

“There’s no point starting a vegan chain because once McDonald’s figures out how to make a good vegan burger, they will think: ‘What’s the point in the cost of keeping all these animals when we can make it just as good and grow it in the ground?’” he said.

Source: “Pizza Hut Germany Just Launched Its First Vegan Pizzas” by Plant Based News

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