UNLIMEAT Launches at Albertsons Across US

UNLIMEAT Launches at US Albertsons

1,500 US Albertsons stores will soon begin selling plant-based pulled pork and Korean BBQ produced by Korea’s UNLIMEAT.

According to UNLIMEAT, the Korean BBQ can be grilled or stir-fried and utilized in both Eastern and Western cuisines as a plant-based substitute for beef brisket. The pulled pork is available in two flavors: original (classic barbecue flavor) and sweet & smoky. It has already been well received at pre-launch events (charcoal grilled rib flavor).

The three products, which are created from recycled materials including defatted soybean powder and rice bran, are UNLIMEAT’s most well-liked meat substitutes. The bran, which contains 90% of the nutrients in rice, is used in this way to reduce waste while also utilizing very nutritious leftovers.

Better plant-based options

Beginning in 2022, UNLIMEAT introduced its plant-based beef and pork for the first time in the US. Through a very successful Kickstarter campaign that reached its funding target just three hours after it was launched, the company expanded its product line in May to include plant-based jerky. Over 1000% of the goal amount had been raised by the campaign’s conclusion.

Since then, UNLIMEAT has made its debut on internet shops like Amazon and GTFO It’s Vegan. Along with eateries like Jeong Yuk Jeom in LA.

“Partnering with Albertsons to offer our unique and delicious plant-based foods to a wider audience is a testament to the industry’s evolution and increasing appetite for more diverse offerings. We’re incredibly excited to bring our signature products to Albertsons customers, who deserve tastier and healthier plant-based options,” said Ryan Chung, the head of international business at UNLIMEAT.

Source: “UNLIMEAT Launches Plant-Based Korean BBQ and Pulled Pork at Albertsons Across USA” by vegconomist

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