TiNDLE’s Plant-Based Chicken Now Available in the UK

Variety of TiNDLE sandwiches

Next Gen Foods is ready to launch its extremely popular TiNDLE chicken in the UK following a record-breaking $100 million Series A fundraising round. The plant-based product will debut at over 50 places around London, with additional venues to follow throughout the country.

The meatless chicken brand has quickly gained traction in a number of global culinary hotspots, including the United States, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore (where Next Gen Foods was established).

The foray into UK eateries is the brand’s second European expansion, following its debut in Amsterdam six months ago.

No More Animals

Andre Menezes, a former meat-loving engineer, changed his mind about food after seeing how inefficient and outdated the animal farming system is. Menezes went on to develop TiNDLE, which he says is the first plant-based chicken created by chefs for cooks.

“Since the very start, we have known that bringing TiNDLE to London would be a critical milestone for the company. It is not only one of the world’s premier food destinations, but also a global hot spot for innovation,” stated Menezes

“We are thrilled to be working alongside some fantastic restaurant partners and chefs in the UK, who are helping us achieve our goal of bringing delicious – but also sustainable – options to diners.”

Meatless Coronation chicken sandwiches, Wellingtons, Katsu meals, curries, and chicken steak burgers are among the confirmed menu items.

Locations in London

BrewDog, Aqua Shard, Get Plucked, City Spice, Other Side Fried, sketch London, Let’s Do Maki, Refuel Your Soul, Paternoster Chop House, Unity Diner, and Neyba are among the restaurants that will offer TiNDLE due to agreements with prominent diners and restaurant groups.

“TiNDLE has been a mind-blowing experience for our chef team at Neyba. It is not just the texture, but also the fibers within the protein and how quickly it absorbs various marinades, seasonings, and sauces… TiNDLE is incredibly versatile and has added a whole new dimension to our plant-based offering,” stated Ben Hedley, co-founder of Neyba. 

The TiNDLE Pop-Up

TiNDLE will hold a three-day pop-up in Soho in collaboration with Sides, a cuisine brand from YouTube collective The Sidemen, to commemorate its UK debut. Attendees will be able to try free TiNDLE sliders at the event, which will take place from April 27 to 29.

Visit the TiNDLE website to see if it’s available in your area.

Source: “Plant-Based TiNDLE Chicken Finally Arrives In The UK, Launches At Over 50 Sites” by Plant Based News

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