SPAR Becomes First Grocer in the UK To Make Fully Vegan Wine Selection

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SPAR has announced that their own-brand wine collection is now totally vegan, just in time for Veganuary (and luckily lasting after dry January).

SPAR made the announcement after pledging in 2019 to make their whole range vegan-friendly by 2021.

SPAR made the adjustment to make its own label line more inclusive and accessible to customers, who are increasingly shopping for vegan foods and beverages.

“More than half a million people took part in Veganuary 2021 and 85% of those surveyed said they planned to at least half their intake of animal products after January, but it’s not just vegans driving the demand.”

“People are increasingly looking for vegan products, regardless of their eating habits or lifestyles, so the time is now to create more inclusive ranges that tap into what our shoppers are looking for,” states Adam Georgiou, Brand Manager for Own Label Beers, Wines and Spirits at SPAR UK.

“We have a fantastic range of wines, which we know are high quality and affordable, so already catering to a wide audience. We’re confident that there’s now something for everyone – whether they’re vegan, flexitarian or meat eaters who just love a nice glass of wine.”

“We are really proud to be delivering on our promise to become the first grocer offering an own label wine range that is suitable for vegans,” Georgiou added.

Vegans will be able to purchase all of Spar’s 2021 vintage wine from about 1,700 licensed Spar outlets in England, Scotland, and Wales.

For Veganuary, the company will also promote its vegan wine selection, with several of its vegan wines on sale until February 9th.

Vegan Wine In The UK

Vegan wines have lately gained popularity, as more people become aware of the factors that might prevent wines from becoming vegan-friendly.

In many places, we’re also seeing clearer labeling on bottles.

M&S, which announced the debut of its Found vegan wine collection early this year, is another shop that has committed to offering a fully vegan wine selection by 2022.

Tesco, Co-op, Lidl, and B&M are just a few of the retailers that have produced vegan wines or vegan wine lines.

Source: “SPAR has just become the first grocer in the UK to make its wine range fully vegan” by Vegan Food & Living



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