Slutty Vegan Takes Over Savannah

Pinky Cole of Slutty Vegan

On Saturday, a prominent Black-owned vegan eatery made a pit stop in Hostess City. Hundreds braved the cold for a taste of Slutty Vegan on Indian Street in downtown Savannah.

“As soon as they posted on social media that they were coming to Savannah, I was like ‘okay I’m here’…“It’s really great,” Ilana Green said. 

Pinky Cole, the company’s founder and CEO, is on the road with his mobile food trucks. Cole’s team said she’s looking forward to introducing Savannah to her meat-free burgers and culture.

“We came here for a reason, you guys showed us great love so hopefully, we’ll be back,” stated Brandon Paul, Acting GM of Slutty Vegan.

Slutty Vegan fans, some of whom are trying Pinky Cole for the first time, are hopeful she would create a physical location in Savannah.

“This was my first Slutty Vegan experience and I would have to say it was absolutely amazing,” James Taylor stated.

Source: “Popular Black-owned vegan restaurant brings food truck to Savannah” by WSAV-TV



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