India’s SeaSpire Introduces Bioprinted Plant-Based Snapper Filets

SeaSpire Vegan Fish Filet

When vegan burgers initially gained popularity, rival businesses jumped at the chance to market their vegan alternatives to consumers, such plant-based chicken. Now, plant-based seafood is the newest product to hit the market, much to the joy of consumers looking for sustainable and cruelty-free food sources. The vegan seafood industry is nothing short of a treasure mine, offering everything from whole-cut plant-based whitefish to bioprinted plant-based snapper. Currently, a bioprinted plant-based snapper product will soon be released in New Zealand and India by the alternative seafood company SeaSpire from India.

Vegan seafood, as you may have guessed, is seafood that hasn’t been created using any animals. It is better for the oceans and marine life because it is not connected to overfishing and ghost nets. It can be used in a variety of other dishes that don’t contain any animal byproducts! Continue reading to learn more about the fascinating company and what it has to offer seafood lovers who are vegan.

Reducing Overfishing

It is a commonly held concern that growing seafood demand may cause overfishing, which could result in the extinction of some marine species. Additionally, overfishing can change the size of the remaining fish as well as how and how quickly they reproduce. A food chain may be harmed and other important marine life, especially fragile species, may go extinct as a result of too many fish being removed from the ocean. This necessitates widespread acceptance of sustainable food practices. The demand for plant-based seafood is therefore urgent.

However, due to the growing amount of pollution in the oceans, excessive mercury levels in seafood might have long-term detrimental health impacts. SeaSpire provides nutritious and nutrient-dense seafood alternatives to address the issue at hand. In addition to whole-cut fish filets, their brand also offers fish-free burger patties and fish-free nuggets.

SeaSpire’s Beginnings

SeaSpire develops and produces the first whole-cut plant-based fish filet in India. SeaSpire, which makes plant-based seafood substitutes using cutting-edge technology, digital tools, and nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients, was founded by Shantanu Dhangar and Varun Gadodia. The company claims to be the first of its kind to produce bioprinted whole-cut whitefish goods in that region and is currently building an operational base there to serve the APAC region. SeaSpire claims that it concentrates on technologies that can replace inefficiencies in the production of seafood and is investigating the prospect of reusing horticultural side streams to provide feedstock for substitute seafood whole cuts.

“We see green field opportunities when it comes to alt-seafoods in the largest seafood consuming regions like India and south-east Asia. We aim to drive category growth in this region with a range of healthy and delectable alt-seafood starting with our whole-muscle whitefish filets,” said co-founder Shantanu Dhangar.

“We need smart proteins and even a smarter production infrastructure to address sustainable food transition for future generations. Reducing supply chain stress, ingredient innovations and upcycling feedstock are supporting pillars for our success at SeaSpire,” stated co-founder Varun Gadodia.

SeaSpire Availability

The company is optimistic that as plant-based meat consumption grows in India, there will be a corresponding rise in demand for alternative seafood products there in the coming years. They have their R&D headquarters in New Zealand. The business will pilot-launch its first batch of plant-based seafood items in India and New Zealand over the next months, starting with plant-based whole-cut snapper filets. Additionally, it will focus on creating a competing seafood brand for emerging APAC countries like Singapore and Australia.

Early in 2023, the company plans to release its plant-based whitefish whole cuts, and later this year, it will exhibit its goods at Tomorrow’s Protein Summit Sponsored by XPRIZE Foundation.

Source: “India’s alternative seafood firm SeaSpire introduces bioprinted plant-based snapper filets” by Vegan First

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