Pleese Foods Vegan Cheese Praised for National Pizza Day

Pleese Foods Cheese Pizza

Pleese® Foods plant-based cheese is swiftly becoming the vegan cheese of choice for chefs and pizza business owners in New York and abroad as National Pizza Day approaches on February 9.

Pleese® is an all-natural food that is kosher and devoid of soy, nuts, dairy, and gluten, created by co-founders Kobi and Abev Regev after the pair turned vegan some years ago and missed the flavor of their favorite NYC pizzas. And, most importantly, it tastes fantastic.

“Using high-quality ingredients is super important to me, and I just hadn’t been impressed with vegan cheeses I’d tried, until I tasted Pleese®… The most common problem with other vegan cheeses is they don’t melt. Pleese® looks, tastes, and melts just like the real thing. That’s why our customers love it.” stated John Accardi, owner of Vito’s Slices and Ices in Manhattan, which has been using Pleese® cheese for over a year.

Vito’s Vegan Pie sales have risen dramatically in recent months, thanks to the quality of Pleese® cheese and the strength of word-of-mouth marketing among its followers, according to Accardi. He believes that having a vegan option on the menu would help any pizza entrepreneur. “It’s the industry’s direction, and it’s what the customers want,” adds Accardi.

Accardi isn’t the only one who thinks Pleese® is great. Helen Chardack, a celebrated chef who has pioneered vegetable-forward restaurants, is a Pleese® early investor and culinary advisor. Pleese®’s “clean, balanced flavor’ ‘ drew her in, she adds, because it doesn’t overwhelm taste buds or coat the roof of your mouth. Pleese® is a better alternative for food-service operations in schools, hospitals, and airports, as well as pizzerias and other eateries, because it is manufactured from beans and is free of numerous allergens.

“The best thing about Pleese® is that it can be used anywhere cheese can be used: It’s as great served cold and tossed in a fresh leafy salad as it is warm and melted on a pizza or in a panini. There are a LOT of possibilities… I always think simple is best. I love Pleese® in a grilled cheese sandwich with fabulous rustic bread and pickles on the side, or in a quesadilla with dried herbs, sea salad, and a nice green salad,” said Chardack. 

Professionals in the food business can request a sample of Pleese® at

Source: “For National Pizza Day, Chefs and Restaurateurs Give High Praise to Please Foods Vegan Cheese” by Perishable News



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