MingsBings and JUST Egg Launching Four New Breakfast Pockets

MingsBings and JUST Egg breakfast bing

Four new breakfast pockets with vegan cheese and eggs are being released in honor of World Egg Day by the Asian street food company MingBings and JUST Egg. The breakfast bings, which are a type of delicious Chinese flatbread developed by Iron Chef Ming Tsai, are the company’s debut offering in the breakfast market.

The new products go on sale on MingsBings.com on Friday, October 14th, and come in four flavors:

  • Plant-Based Egg & Cheese: A combination of JUST Egg, dairy-free cheddar and potato
  • Plant-Based Sausage, Egg & Cheese: A twist on an all-American breakfast, w/ sausage, JUST Egg, dairy-free cheddar and potato
  • Plant-Based Chorizo, Egg & Cheese: A Southwestern breakfast w/ chorizo, JUST Egg, dairy-free cheddar, peppers, onions, black beans, corn and potato
  • Plant-Based Veggie, Egg & Cheese: Spinach, peppers, onions, JUST Egg, dairy-free cheddar and potato

MingsBings’ success

All of the breakfast pockets are manufactured without nuts or gluten and are vegan. Chef Tsai launched MingsBings in 2020, fusing the traditional Chinese flatbread with well-known American dishes like Cheeseburger and Buffalo using his own East-meets-West cooking methods.

Target, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and more than 4,000 other retail locations around the country carry MingsBings items. Publix will soon carry them as well.

Additionally, they are offered at concession stands at Fenway Park, TD Garden, Tropicana Field, Hard Rock Stadium, and shortly the Barclays Center in New York City.

This weekend’s Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival will feature product sampling from MingsBings and JUST Egg to commemorate the newest breakfast craze.

Source: “MingsBings and JUST Egg Debut New Breakfast Pockets with Plant-Based Eggs and Cheese” by vegconomist

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