Italy Bans Killing of Male Chicks In The Egg Industry

Italy Bans Killing of Male Chicks

Under a new law that will go into effect in late 2026, Italy has unambiguously authorized an end to the massacre of male chicks in the egg industry.

The revelation, which is being hailed by animal rights activists as “a historic milestone in animal welfare legislation in Italy,” comes after several years of advocacy work by Animal Equality Italy, including the creation of a petition in 2020 that has garnered more than 100,000 signatures.

Male chicks are seen as a byproduct of the egg industry since the egg industry views them as useless because they are unable to produce eggs.

Between 25 and 40 million male chicks are slaughtered in Italy each year, usually within the first 24 hours after life, because they are a different breed of chicken than the meat industry can employ.

Maceration (shredding/grinding) or suffocation without the use of stunning procedures are two types of slaughter that will no longer be permitted as of the end of 2026.

The trade association for egg producers, Assoavi, declared it is in favor of in-ovo sexing technologies after the introduction of Animal Equality’s petition. These technologies can stop the slaughter of male chicks by sexing the chicks before hatching.

A ‘truly historic’ moment

The executive director of Animal Equality Italy, Alice Trombetta, said in a statement: “This is very important news for animals in Italy and is truly historic.

“We are very happy that Parliament has finally approved this amendment that regulates one of the most controversial aspects of the egg production industry.“

“Animals are sentient beings that can no longer just be considered industrial waste.“

“The selective killing of male chicks that takes place every day will no longer be considered the norm, and institutions must now commit to this fundamental path for the progress of our country and animals, supporting and accelerating the progressive implementation of technologies capable of putting an end to this systematic cruel slaughter.”

Source: “Italy bans the killing of male chicks in the egg industry in a victory described as ‘historic milestone’” by Vegan Food & Living

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