GTFO It’s Vegan Now Has Its Own Vegan Tuna, Salmon, Sailfish, and Calamari Sashimi


GTFO It’s Vegan is happy to announce the launch of its own vegan sashimi line, which includes tuna, salmon, sailfish, and calamari, and is now available for purchase.

“This launch represents an incredible milestone in our efforts to introduce our own private label line of products under the Great Foods, It’s Vegan brand.  The launch showcases one of many planned private label launches of vegan offerings in rapidly growing, yet undeserved vegan and plant based categories.” said Tanya Pierce, GTFO It’s Vegan’s President and Co-Founder.

GTFO It’s Vegan (GTFO) is a forward-thinking vegan and plant-based food store, wholesaler, and distributor. GTFO is a leader in the “New Age Vegan” movement, appealing to those who aren’t vegans but want to eat and live better without compromising the pleasure of a delicious meal. GTFO scours the globe for the most cutting-edge vegan and plant-based meals, including meat, fish, cheese and dairy, bakery, snacks, and much more.

While GTFO was founded by husband and wife pair Marc and Tanya Pierce at the onset of the Covid epidemic in May of 2020, it has quickly grown to become the dominant player in the online vegan retail and wholesale industry. GTFO presently offers over 2,800 vegan and plant-based items from over 700 different companies. GTFO has completed approximately 30,000 orders comprising over 300,000 vegan and plant-based items since its inception. Following the popularity of its vegan sashimi line, the company has also launched a range of vegan fresh and take-n-bake bakery goods, samosas, and ready-to-eat meals under its own label. GTFO also just completed a successful crowdfunding round on on October 7, 2021, garnering approximately $400,000 from 390 investors in just over three weeks, making it one of StartEngine’s fastest out-of-the-gate crowdfunding launches.

“The vegan seafood market is the fastest growing category in the market.” stated Marc Pierce, GTFO’s CEO and Co-Founder. This is based on GTFO’s own purchase data. Pierce also stated, “By mining our data, coupled with our own proprietary consumer market research, we have developed the best and most comprehensive information on consumer trends in plant-based purchases than any other source.” GTFO now offers the most comprehensive vegan sashimi selection on the market in the United States.

“This launch is another key step in our efforts to realize our mission of becoming one the of the most important companies in this century to ensure the sustainability of our people and our planet!” stated Tanya Pierce. 

Source: “GTFO It’s Vegan Launches Its Own Line of Vegan Tuna, Salmon, Sailfish, and Calamari Sashimi” by PR Newswire



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