Greenland Seafood Launches Plant-Based Fish

Plant-Based Fish

Greenland Seafood, a European fish processor owned by Sofina Foods in Canada, has introduced a line of frozen plant-based fish replacements, including fish-free fingers, burgers, and fish cakes, created with rice protein for a flaky feel.

The goods will be on display at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona next month and will be available for retail and food service soon. Greenland Seafood says it was motivated to create the line after witnessing the rise in popularity of alternative protein foods. In the near future, the company hopes to include additional plant-based solutions.

Fish Producers Switching to Plant-Based

While some traditional seafood producers have been hostile to plant-based alternatives, others are beginning to see the light. Those who are making their way into the plant-based world include:

  • Karavela, one of Europe’s major canned fish manufacturers, released a line of plant-based canned seafood items under the new name Fish Peas in October 2021.
  • Handy Seafood, the oldest seafood processor in the United States, debuted its first vegan product – the Plant-Based Crabless Cake – in January, marking a big shift for a company known for crab cakes and crab meat appetizers.
  • Thai Union, the world’s largest tuna processor, is now working with plant-based and cultured seafood producers, while Century Pacific, another tuna behemoth, has introduced a plant-based meat line.
  • Bumble Bee Foods, a North American seafood processor, established a $40 million sustainability fund in 2020 to address concerns including overfishing and plastic pollution in the ocean. Bumble Bee is pushing plant-based fish alternatives as part of the campaign, and has teamed with Good Catch, a company that makes plant-based tuna and frozen vegan seafood dishes.

“This new range will allow our group to meet the demand of vegetarian or flexitarian consumers and to expand our penetration rate to households that do not consume fish,” stated a spokesperson for Greenland Seafood on the plant-based development.

Source: “Greenland Seafood Joins Growing List of Fish Processors Launching Plant-Based Fish” by vegconomist

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