Future Farm Takes Over 4 LA Restaurants

Platter Made With Future Farms

To increase the availability of plant-based meat on menus, Future Farm, a Brazilian startup in the food technology sector, has begun taking over restaurants in Los Angeles. In order to create a plant-based menu that will be accessible until August 21th, the company is collaborating with the Italian deli Ggiata, the pizzeria Prince Street Pizza, the baseball-themed coffee shop Cofax, and the burger takeout joint Golden State.

The vegan Future Farm Meatball Parm Sub at Ggiata includes Future Farm vegan meatballs in addition to vegan Kite Hill ricotta cheese, basil pesto, and pomodoro sauce. “Expanding our plant based offerings is a priority for us as we grow our business. We got introduced to Future Farms a few months back through our friend [Kate Burr] and were so impressed with their product… They’re commitment to using non-GMO ingredients and to sustainable practices made them the perfect partner,” Ggiata posted on Instagram.

The Future Farm Vegan Supreme Pizza at Prince Street Pizza includes the company’s vegan meatballs in addition to vegan cheese, Italian hot peppers, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and a drizzle of olive oil. Beginning the following week, Cofax will sell the Future Farm Spicy Smash Burger, and Golden State will market the Future Farm Chorizo Breakfast Burrito.

Future Farm, a company founded in 2019 by Brazilian businessman Marcos Leta and partner Alfredo Strechinsky, aspires to become a global leader in food technology by providing cutting-edge, high-quality, and reasonably priced goods that support the rapidly expanding vegan meat market. The brand is partnering with restaurants in LA as the first in a series of nationwide restaurant takeovers; partnerships in New York will take place in the fall.

“Future Farm is all about eating what you love, differently. Whether it’s a meat lover’s pizza— hold the meat—or a vegan meatball sub, we want to change how the world eats by encouraging people to eat more plants… We’re partnering with four amazing restaurants in LA because of our shared values—we like to have fun, we like to eat, and we always have our finger on the pulse of the next big thing. We’ll be rolling out even more partnerships and events across the country in the months to come,” said Clare Perez, Future Farm Director of Marketing, North America.

Future Farm’s Expansion

Future Farm’s ultimate goal is to make animal meat obsolete by developing goods that are as similar to animal protein as possible in order to persuade consumers to make easy transitions to sustaining plant-based diets in order to protect the environment. Future Farm has increased the number of nations in which its products are available in the three years since its launch, to 30 so far.

Prior to a $58 million Series C funding raising last year, online merchants GTFO made the brand available in the US. In order to bring its main product, the Future Burger, as well as its Future Meatball, Future Sausage, and Future Beef, to US supermarkets nationwide at competitive pricing, It’s Vegan, Vejii, and Hungry Harvest started collaborating with distributor Superior Foods International. The “3-plant protein” from Future Farms, which is made of pea, soy, and chickpea flour, is one of the company’s non-GMO plant components. With an emphasis on the European and American markets, the brand also wants to enter the dairy and plant-based beverage areas.

The four restaurants in LA are the most recent development in Future Farm’s US foodservice expansion. Earlier this year, Future Farm made its US debut in the foodservice industry at San Francisco’s Chase Center sports complex, which is home to the six-time NBA champion Golden State Warriors. At The Green House, where its products are offered, there is a Future Farm Smash Burger among other vegan and vegetarian dishes. A growing range of vegan-friendly food options are offered at Chase Center, including a vegan brownie batter milkshake, sweet crispy tofu wok, vegan lumpia, and plant-based sausage. The brand is also regarded as the official plant-based meat of the Golden State Warriors. Chase Center offers the Future Farm meatball sub throughout the arena in addition to the Smash Burger.

“In order to change the way the world eats, by making slaughterhouses and animal-protein products obsolete, we will continue bringing consumers into the category with quality, variety and flavor, and delivering joy and deliciousness to the experience of plant-based eating,” Leta said in a statement.


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