Fudge Kitchen Launches New Vegan Toffee Fudge

Fudge Kitchen Vegan Fudge

Fudge Kitchen, the UK’s finest artisan fudge store, has expanded its collection and introduced additional vegan toffee fudge!

To maintain the same high quality as the company’s non-vegan goods, the new items were produced utilizing the company’s own vegan oat milk-based spread.

The announcement comes as Fudge Kitchen reports a 6% increase in vegan sales, with vegan items accounting for 15% of the company’s internet sales. “We’ve worked really hard in the last few years to develop our vegan offering. We use a variety of plant-based milks, vegan chocolate, and nut butters, some of which are made in-house,” Managing Director Sian Holt stated.

“Our vegan fudge was originally created in response to customer demand, but is even more pertinent following COP26 and the drive for food companies like ours to offer more environmentally friendly options.”

Vegan Fudge by Fudge Kitchen

The additional items will be added to the vegan collection, which already comprises slab fudge pieces, peanut, pumpkin, and sunflower seed brittles, and vegan drinking fudge. From the classics of toffee and rum & raisin to the more luxurious chocolate & black forest gateau, there’s a fudge flavor for everyone in the vegan collection. Fudge Kitchen is also always developing and producing new flavors, so there may be more in the future!

“Our vegan gifting range opens up a new gifting category for those seeking plant-based products,” explains marketing manager Richard Parson.

“Feedback from our customers is that good vegan confectionery is hard to come by, and they are always pleasantly surprised after trying our vegan products, and can’t quite believe they really are dairy-free.”

Source: “Fudge Kitchen launches new vegan toffee fudge as 15% of its online sales are now attributed to its vegan products” by Vegan Food & Living

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