DUG Potato Milk Now Available in the UK

DUG milk

Dairy alternatives have been rising in the UK, with the sector currently worth over £400 million per year as more consumers choose to shun dairy and animal products. According to a recent study, one in every three Britons currently consumes plant-based milk, with consumption increasing from 25% in 2020 to 32% in 2021.

We had to make due with only soya milk at first…which wasn’t a terrible thing…

However, nut, oat, and even pea milk followed. Nice. But now, something even more inventive has joined the plant milk posse. Milk made from potatoes. Yes, intelligent workers behind the scenes at plant milk factories throughout the world have invented a new kind that has been characterized as “deliciously creamy” and that goes great in a latte, cappuccino, or simply a simple cup of tea.

DUG, a Swedish brand that has been sold at hundreds of Waitrose stores since the beginning of this week, is one of the first to hit the shelves.

According to Waitrose, sales of plant-based milks increased by about a fifth in the previous year compared to 2019; oat remains the most popular, due to well-known brands like Oatly, and is followed by almond, soya, and coconut. However, the store predicts that potato milk will reach new heights this year, and that it may even be “the potato’s time” to rule supreme.

DUG is also likely to appeal to the conservationists among us. It describes itself as a “super sustainable” brand that has collaborated with CarbonCloud, a business that analyses food’s carbon impact to demonstrate ethical legitimacy. Dug claims that its carbon impact is substantially smaller than that of dairy milk, claiming that farming potatoes is twice as efficient as growing oats and that collecting additives like almonds requires far less water.

Source: ““Deliciously creamy” potato milk hits UK shelves” by The Vegan Review



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