Candy Kittens Goes Vegan By Ditching Beeswax

bag and box of candy kitten strawberry candy

It’s official: Candy Kittens is now completely vegan.

Beeswax has been eliminated as an active component from the gourmet sweet brand’s Eton Mess-flavored sweets.

Jamie Laing, co-founder of Made in Chelsea, has stated that being a sustainable brand is a top concern for the firm.

Candy Kittens’ next focus will be on enhancing packaging and lowering product mileage.

Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens has developed into an eco-conscious company that has undergone various vegan and veggie makeovers since its start in 2012.

The sweet firm sought to make its goods more accessible to more people, regardless of their dietary restrictions, after removing beef gelatine in 2017.

Furthermore, the recent jump to 100 percent means that everyone will be able to enjoy the purr-fect sweet delight.

Ed Williams, the brand’s co-founder and MD, stated in a statement that the company is  “delighted that we’ve reached this 100% vegan milestone.”

Fans of the vegan candy company were overjoyed to learn the good news.

One person commented on the social post declaring: “I’m so happy, I could cry!”

“Finally, I get to try these!” said another.

UK’s Vegan Sweets

It’s sometimes difficult to resist a sweet, no matter how old you are.

Although many sweets are still not vegan-friendly, the number of vegan-friendly and unintentionally vegan sweets is expanding.

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastels and Skittles are two of our childhood favorites!

Several individual vegan businesses are now releasing plant-based delicacies, such as Candy Conscious Co, which just introduced the UK’s first vegan fried egg sweet.

We anticipate to see more firms eliminating toxic chemicals like gelatin and beeswax in favor of more environmentally friendly materials as the demand for vegan products grows.

Source: “Candy Kittens finally scraps beeswax and goes 100% vegan” by Vegan Food & Living



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