BOSH! and Heura Team Up For New Vegan Chorizo Burger

Heura Burgers on grill

The result of a partnership between plant-based meat manufacturer Heura and food bloggers BOSH!, a new and unique vegan chorizo burger will be available on Ocado this spring.

This innovative product combines the burger patty’s tremendous adaptability with the robust flavors of chorizo, but without the meat!

These innovative vegan burgers have limitless culinary possibilities!

You may grill the burgers as you would a regular patty, break them down into smaller tasty chunks, or scatter them into a larger dish for added spice.

“Bringing healthy, delicious and affordable plant-based foods to the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer shows that we can remove animals from the food chain with no compromise in choice,“ said Marc Coloma, food activist and co-founder of Heura.

“Ocado has a progressive customer base, with quality and taste at their hearts – the perfect match for our nutritious, delicious and versatile Chorizo Burger.”

This announcement comes after Heura reported that its plant-based products are now consumed by more than double the number of households worldwide.

Heura is presently available in 20 countries, including Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, and Chile.

The Vegan Vision

This is the newest product from Heura, Europe’s fastest-growing plant-based meat company.

Heura’s objective is to provide meat alternatives to the market in order to permanently minimize animal consumption.

BOSH! are the right partners to collaborate with since they share Heura’s global objective of igniting, inspiring, and empowering consumers to choose healthier and kinder food choices.

“Our community asked – we listened, and we created. The Chorizo Burger is the brainchild of our Heura TechRebels and BOSH,” said Bernat Añaños, Heura co-founder.

“Designed to allow consumers to burst with creativity, this product goes beyond standard use. Having an animal meat successor as a versatile ‘ingredient’ is the next step in making it mainstream, and we can’t wait to see what our community and beyond create using this exclusive new product.”

Because the alternative meat market is expected to grow in the coming years, the timing is ideal for collaborating and launching new intriguing goods.

Source: “Heura and BOSH! collaborate to launch a new vegan chorizo burger” by Vegan Food & Living

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