Beyond Meat to Launch Ready Meals in UK

Beyond Meat products

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office has received an application from Beyond Meat to register the trademark “Beyond Meals,” suggesting that the company may be getting ready to introduce plant-based ready meals there.

A Class 30, for ready meals containing items like pasta, rice, and noodles, and a Class 29, for meat substitutes, are the two trademark classes the brand is requesting. They have previously competed in this market in the UK; last year, it teamed up with Wicked Kitchen to sell plant-based ready meals at Tesco.

Growth in the UK

The company first debuted in the UK in 2018, but they saw significant growth last year as it entered 450 new retail shops. Additionally, McDonald’s UK uses the Beyond Burger patty in its McPlant burger.

The Beyond Burger and Sausage were introduced last month at Morrisons, a supermarket chain, their fifth significant UK store. In both the chilled and frozen categories, the company asserts that it has now had the fastest sales growth of any plant-based meat brand in the nation.

“We’re delighted to introduce Beyond Meat to Morrisons’ customers in our quest to make tasty plant-based meat more available across the UK… Our Beyond Meat products are enjoyed by everyone from carnivores to flexitarians to vegans looking for the same taste and texture as animal-based meat but seeking a more planet-friendly option,” said Jorg Oostdam, Beyond Meat General Manager, Europe.

Source: “Beyond Meat Prepares to Launch Plant-Based Ready Meals in the UK” by vegconomist

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