Beyond Meat Expands to 60+ Cities Across China

Beyond Meat in China

Beyond Meat’s plant-based burgers and pork patties expands to more than 60 cities across China at all 100 METRO locations, marking it’s debut in one of China’s biggest foreign wholesalers.

In 2020, three METRO China shops in Shanghai temporarily served the Beyond Burger. As a result of the new partnership, Beyond items will be offered in numerous locations, including Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Nanjing.

Value packs of the two products will be available to METRO members at exclusive member prices of RMB 62.9 ($9.05) for six Beyond Burgers and RMB 29.9 ($4.30) for eight pork patties.

Reducing the price gap and empowering consumers

In 2020, Beyond Meat made its first trip to China, where it quickly established itself as the nation’s first foreign plant-based business with a production facility. The company has achieved success by designing its Beyond Pork products exclusively for the Chinese market and by responding to the preferences of local consumers.

The Trio-Cheese Plant-Based Beef Burger, a new menu item at Chinese fast-food restaurant Dicos, introduced the Beyond Burger summer of 2022. In November of 2022, Beyond unveiled Beyond Dumplings, a product aimed at Chinese consumers that comes in both boiled and fried variants and uses the business’s plant-based beef and pork substitutes.

“We are excited to strengthen the partnership with METRO China and increase the availability of the Beyond Burger and Beyond Meat Plant-Based Pork Patties to all of their stores… The competitive and exclusive price for METRO members exemplifies the two brands’ shared vision of narrowing the price gap between plant-based and animal meat, empowering more local consumers to include our delicious and nutritious products on their shopping lists,” said Jeremy Yeo, Beyond Meat’s General Manager in China.

Source: “Beyond Meat Expands to 100 METRO China Locations in 60+ Cities” by vegconomist

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